I’m Selling WhatWP & LyrWP First Come First Served!


In an effort to condense my portfolio of websites I am in fact looking to sell WhatWP which is bookmarking site for WordPress news.

Also I’m looking at off loading LyrWP which I did submit to ProductHunt here and did get some decent levels of traffic!

The decision was not taken lightly in truth, it’s just I’m spreading myself too thin and as a result I’m rushing around like a headless chicken!! That’s not my style!

I have another project I want to invest my time in and as a result I need to move these two websites, so if anyone is interested in buying either of these websites, drop me a line via the contact form here.

I will eventually list them on Flippa, however if I get an interested party (serious peeps only!) I’m prepared to let it go to someone who can can use them domains and use them well.

Any questions, please do leave a comment and I will do my best to answer!


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