Launch Effect App WordPress Theme Definitive Review + Your Chance To Win

Launch Effect App WordPress Theme Review


Launch Effect is a one page WordPress theme for launching a product/brand or indeed a new website. Whilst WordPress does have themes that cater for launching a website etc, Launch Effect is a dedicated theme and is constantly updated with new features and alike.

Created by a company called Barrel a NY Based web design/digital agency, this theme does promise much. In fact some of you may well recall a review I wrote for WPCandy some time ago entitled Feel the effects of Launch Effect theme.

Well I though it was about time I revisited the theme to see how it has evolved and what you can expect. Please note the version I am reviewing is the Premium version which includes features the free downloadable version does not.

Lets take a quick look at the feature difference between the two the Premium version & the free version.

Free Version

  • Visitors to your website sign up using their email.
  • Upon signing up, the page generates a special URL for them to share with their friends.
  • Use the URL to track your most active referrers and reward them for spreading the word.

Premium Version

  • Visitors to your website sign up using their email.
  • Upon signing up, the page generates a special URL for them to share with their friends.
  • Use the URL to track your most active referrers and reward them for spreading the word.
  • Brandable footer
  • Animated countdown timer & progress bar
  • Fully-styled Blog
  • Page Navigation
  • Slide-down sign-up tab
  • Ability to add extra form fields

Bearing the above in mind and knowing that I am reviewing the Premium version of the Launch Effect Theme, lets get down to it, get cracking, get on with it, etc, etc.

Installing Launch Effect App Theme

Well much like any other WordPress theme, well all of them in fairness you can upload them via FTP or from your WordPress backend itself. I have chosen the standard backend route. Once installed you will see the above image denoting successful installation. All that’s left to do is activate the theme.

Launch Effect Theme Options

Upon activation we will have a new menu item in the WP side bar called Launch Effect. Lets open up this bad boy and see what happens then.  Well as we can see from the above we have a new page with the above menu system. The First Section here is the actual designer tab I have opted for selecting the global styles sub menu as I want to set the scene so to speak for the demo. The subsequent items allows us to make changes to the Head, Page & of course Footer.

Head Section

Upon expanding this part, we have a number of options to choose/input they include the following:

  • Page Title: – Set the Page title
  • Meta Description: – Set the meta description of your site
  • Meta Keywords: – Choose your meta keywords for your site
  • Upload a Favicon: – you can upload a favicon or disable it from showing
  • Upload a Site image: – This is for social media sharing when people share on Facebook etc will show a predetermined image – can disable this
  • TypeKit ID: – enter your ID and it will be applied to H1, H2, H3, body text etc
  • MonoType: – same as TypeKit

Page Section

A much simpler affair. Here we have two options for selecting the background color via Hex code, simply click on the color box and choose the desired color. Also an upload an image box for the background itself, here it recommends a large image but bear in mind to keep it under 200k.

Footer Section

A raft of options here, this actually add social media elements and site credits etc to the base of your Launch Effect Install. They are as follows:

  • Facebook Page Like Button: – Add in a URL to be liked
  • Your Facebook Page URL: – Add a link to your Facebook Page itself
  • Your Twitter Page URL
  • Your LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Your Google+ Page URL
  • Your Pinterest Page URL
  • Miscellaneous Link URL
  • Miscellaneous Link Text

Creating The Look & Feel Of Our Sign Up Page

Well as we have now set up our global styles that will remain constant throughout the site, we need to dig into the wonderment of our sign up page. The idea of Launch Effect is to create a viral effect in the promotion of our brand our product/website etc. Delving back into the tabs section again we are going to look into the sub menu of ‘Sign Up Page’, what delights shall she yield?

Well we have several options in this section see the above image slider for a snapshot of what is on offer. We have a plethora of options at hand here, it’s all good though. We want your site to stand out don’t we?

Launch Effect Theme Options

There are more options as well, specifically for your theme, these options allow a multitude of design elements to be altered, mainly from a color perspective. See below slider for options available from the Theme sub tab.

Well Launch Effect is not short of options, here we can select different options for tinkering with colors. Setting out our content boxes, borders, colors etc. See below Slider for more info on this section.

What About Email Marketing Integrations?

Email IntegrationWell Launch Effect does not disappoint on this. With support for MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor. Each with it’s own tab allowing the input of API keys and other necessary option fields to ensure your email campaign can integrate with Launch Effect. This section also supports Google Analytics and PressTrends. So arguably you will have all the right equipment as it were to launch your brand/product/service.


Stat Lovers Rejoice


Launch Effect’s final tab is that of statistics. Here we can see the time and date of a new user sign up. Their email address, visits, conversions, conversion rate and IP. address. This might not mean much to some, however if you have by chance a major influencer pushing your site, find out why and how they are doing it (use artistic licence) or encourage this user to do more with off site incentives. A really useful feature indeed. I love stats, which is quite sad.

In Summary

So we have a theme that allows blog functionality a quality user referral system with unique URL generator, a snazzy sign up page to entice people, the ability to offer incentives to new sign ups who push your brand/product/service etc.

The Launch Effect theme would be incredibly useful for charities, new brands, and basically anyone who wants to be a little creative with their marketing efforts, a user friendly theme, stacked with options and with a minimal amount of skill you could product something quite unique and eye catching.

Although some may be put off by the options Launch Effect boasts, but if you hang in there and read through the instructions that come with the theme, (a page is created with instructions in your WP install simply navigate to it for more info.) Well it’s verdict time then I suppose?

Right this review system thingy is new for me but I will put up a page stating how we review themes criteria etc but for now see below for ratings!

Launch Effect WordPress Theme Review Scores

WPin Verdict

As I have mentioned Launch Effect does offer a wealth of options and as the premium version is available for $35.00 for a single site licence or if you want to create more than one a unlimited site licence is $65.00. For what it can do it is comparatively priced. Boasting a wealth of options and it’s relative ease of use, anyone could have a half decent launch page thrown up in under a couple of hours. With more features coming in the roadmap, such as PayPal support, a mobile version of the theme the roadmap is constantly getting added to with user feedback.

Me personally, would have loved to have seen the sign up functionality available as a plugin rather than a fully blown theme. Having the ability to add a sexy sign up page with unique URL generation, tracking etc incorporated into your existing WordPress theme would be a massive benefit to those who have carefully nay lovingly crafted a new site.

But this is a minor moan, when Launch Effect promises so much and delivers it’s hard not to appreciate the amount of work that went into this theme. My verdict? If your looking to launch a site/product etc you would be hard pushed to find a more accommodating theme.

Now It’s Your Chance To Win One Of Two Single Site Licences Of Launch Effect!

Competition is now over. Winners have been announced. Well done to those who have won!


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