Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme A WordPress Website Builder Review

Massive Dynamic WordPress website builder

Massive Dynamic WordPress website builder

Massive Dynamic WordPress theme the future of WordPress?

The Massive Dynamic WordPress theme is a new theme listed on Themeforest today, despite the catchy imagery (and typo) in the listing it bills itself as the future of WordPress.

A bold statement would you not agree? I mean do we really need an all encompassing theme that will do everything we actually want with minimum fuss and a catchy interface?

Before I answer that take a look at the intro video below to give you an overview of what the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme could do for you.


Well know we’ve all got an idea and flashy video aside what can this theme do for you and is it potentially worth the $59.00 it’s advertised on Themeforest for?

Massive Dynamic Theme Features:

Massive Dynamic WordPress theme a game changer?
Massive Dynamic WordPress theme a game changer?

Real time page customization’s drag & drop style

Well as you can see from the gif above from the theme listing itself, it uses a very similar interface to the native WordPress customizer with drag and drop functionality right into the very page itself.

This is quite exciting in fairness for the non coders out there (myself included) being able to change layouts on a page by page basis, resize and drag in new elements and re-position them was the stuff of page builders of which there are many out there as plugins or indeed baked into a theme.

This one looks quite promising and again for the non-techies the ability to work with a WYSIWYG builder and see in real time how the site takes shape is an exciting prospect indeed. Is it a game changer? Well it remains to be seen in fairness the theme only went live today it’s had a few sales so we’ll all have to wait for the feedback on that one.

Dragging and dropping elements in and resizing and changing a pages layout is pretty sweet in fairness, a lot of business owners on a budget with an ounce of savvy (by looking at the video) could use this WordPress theme to build something a bit special. In fact if you’ve used page builder plugins for WordPress before it looks like you’ll be right at home here.

Freedom to edit with the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme
Freedom to edit with the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme

On the face of it we have a range of template layouts according to the theme listing on Themeforest, with full width, boxed layout, left sidebar / right sidebar, double sidebar and floating content. So we kind of have pre-built layouts to work with, it’s just a case of changing the layout of the content on a specific page.

Header editing with Massive Dynamic
Header editing with Massive Dynamic

This is quite exciting the image above gets a real time snap shot of the menu being edited within Massive Dynamic editor. This is quite cool as tinkering around with a header can be a pain in the rear with constant refreshing and more. Nice to see this made it into Massive Dynamic.

Header options for Massive Dynamic
Header options for Massive Dynamic

As you can see there are plenty of layout options for the header. So getting the right header layout for your new WordPress site should be relatively pain free, some of the options mentioned above are quite popular in terms of design trends.

There’s quite a lot to look forward to with this WordPress theme, the theme author has mentioned that it’s a culmination of 2 years hardwork. The proof now is in releasing into the wild and letting non developers and website developers play with it and see what the feedback is.

It certainly does look promising in fairness with shortcode support, a live portfolio builder, drag and drop functionality, a live customizer and more.

Whats the backend like for the Massive Dynamic?

Well thankfully there is a demo test drive available here, I would urge you to take a look at it and get a feel of it for yourself. It’s quite a beautiful interface and very very intuitive I’ve been playing with it for over an hour now and can say that it’s a joy to use.

Strangely as a non coder I felt very at ease using it, dragging in elements and resizing left right and center was breeze. I even opened up some pages in the demo and edited specific pages to change the layout.

Massive Dynamic editing content
Massive Dynamic editing content

Guess what? You can even use the Massive Dynamic builder in blog posts as well! So if you want to give a blog post an awesome layout you can! Which again is pretty sweet and fun to do. So making your content unique and different from other blog posts is available to you which is a massive win!

Unfortunately you cannot edit the layout for shop pages or product listings using the Massive Dynamic theme, it’s a minor point compared to how much freedom you do actually have so there had to be a trade off somewhere down the line.

Massive Dynamic WordPress theme features:

Live Website Builder
Unlimited Layouts
Customizable Header Layout
15 Different header styles with different options to create a unique website.
Unique Shortcodes
WooCommerce Ready
Notification Center
Live Portfolio Resize
Custom MegaMenu
SEO optimized
Advanced Typography Options
Section video background
Plus much more

The Massive Dynamic WordPress theme also has support for WooCommerce as well so anyone who wants to run an ecommerce store with Massive Dynamic can do. Theme itself comes complete with a range of plugins as part of the deal as well they are: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Master Slider and Go Pricing.

It’s available on Themeforest for $59.00 and to help you decide whether it’s worth your money you can take it for a free test drive!

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Review
  • 9/10
    Cost - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Functionality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Ease Of Use - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Potential - 9/10

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Verdict

Wow. Love the editing options via the live customizer for this theme. With real time changes being available to view, the intuitive and quite frankly gorgeous interface it's a real show stopper.

Did you know? There's over 38 demos available to view on the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme landing page and all of them look the bees knees. The author states it's been 2 years of hard work. I have to say, well done. It's going on my buy it now list, I urge you to take a look at the test drive and decide for yourself whether it's worth your investment. For me? 100% yes. Just waiting for payday before I do 😉

Take the demo for a test drive today and see what I mean.


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