No More WordPress Theme Or Plugin List Posts & Other News

WPin New Years Resolutions!

WPin New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolution #1 – No more theme / plugin list posts

I’ve neglected the blog of late. I’ve been busy with other avenues and simply haven’t had the time to update It’s not until I revisited the blog did I realize just how many list posts of themes and plugins I actually had!

I referred back to a post entitled “Why List Posts Are Hurting Your Pocket.” Guess what? I took my own advice. I don’t want to be one of those sites, I guess it’s easy to write list posts for themes packed full of affiliate links rather than offering good quality content.

I don’t want to be like, Athemes, Colorlib, WPlift, WPExplorer and alike. Nothing against them you understand, I just don’t want to be anything like them in terms of list posts.

It goes against everything I want from WPin, it’s a ball ache to do and the only person it benefits is me, not you. 

I deleted my WordPress theme & plugin list posts.

That’s why I deleted the lot of them, I don’t want them to hang around the website like unwelcome guest at a New Years Eve party, hence they are no more.

So no more theme / plugin list posts!

New Years Resolution #2 – The WP News section is no more 🙁

Yup, I decided I was spreading myself too thin undertaking a news site as well. In fairness it did do quite well in terms of submissions, and I thank everyone who was involved in submitting content relating to WordPress.

All is not lost however. I have been busy today transferring the content to my new ‘User News’ section, which is full of submissions about WordPress from tips, tutorials and more.

If you’d still like to submit some WordPress news to me for publishing, get in touch with me here.

New Years Resolution #3 – The Directory is no more!

The WPin directory has now gone. This is going to see my traffic go down somewhat and dare I say it a loss of revenue will undoubtedly occur.

In the same vein as the list posts, it’s a matter of time. Time of course adding themes / plugins, as well as the fact they do not serve you the loyal reader.

The directory section has moved to another website, which is purely run on WooCommerce. All WordPress products that were on the directory here on WPin are in the process of being transferred to WhatWP!

I am aiming to make this website affiliate link free, it’s early days yet and there are some affiliate links I need to remove whilst transferring themes / plugins across so bear with me!

Again thank you for all your submissions, I cannot begin to thank those who were involved enough. Hopefully you will visit and add more themes and WordPress plugins to WhatWP in the future.

New Years Resolution #4 – More WordPress reviews!

I need to create more content, I miss doing what I love doing. Which is of course reviewing WordPress themes and plugins and throwing in my ten cents!

It’s a passion of mine, I love the fact that I get to play around with themes & plugins. As an end user of WordPress I can give an honest unaffiliated opinion on a theme or plugin, which I hope serves you well when it comes to purchasing a product or indeed downloading it!

Do you have any New Years blogging resolutions?

If you do great! Why not share with everyone and let us know what you are doing differently. Or if you have any questions on the above, feel free to leave a comment.


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