Say hello to ThemeButler

Say hello to ThemeButler

The (Theme)Butler Did It

There are quite literally tons of WordPress themes out there, thousands. Some are poor quality others are top notch. As well as that there are also a raft of WordPress theme frameworks to learn and adapt to until you find that one. You know the one, the one that makes developing custom WordPress themes for you, end clients and all a relative breeze.

That’s where ThemeButler comes in. Those looking for flashy web interfaces and drag and drop functionality may want to look elsewhere, as it doesn’t come with any bloated options. Instead, everyhing is fully customizable using a child-theme. The ThemeButler website is incredibly well laid out and offers a wealth of information for you to get stuck into, take a look at their knowledge-base to see what I mean.

By their own volition, their products are built for those individuals who build WordPress websites or have a rudimentary understanding of hooks and filters, as I mentioned it’s not a WYSIWYG system. There will be some of course who may turn up there noses at this you may want to rethink that.

Building sites for clients using Themeforest templates or somebody else’s work is all well and good. However, if you’re not using a framework and tinkering and hacking away at existing works, your development time will be extended dramatically.

ThemeButlers themes are optimized for speed, easy to extend and adhere to WordPress standards, cutting down your development time and dare I say, improve the quality of your work.

Clean, Minimal Themes

Right off the bat there are three themes available. They are BaseJenkins and Totem. The page heading above the themes states ‘Don’t let the simple designs fool you, the real magic happens under the hood’ which is testament to the power of their products.

I have installed all three of their themes and one of the things I really like is their free Backpack plugin. It let’s you install your purchased themes from the back-end of WordPress. Another nice touch is how you only need one API key to authenticate all your purchases, which is a nice change from entering a separate license for every product. See below for an example:

Backpack Plugin

As you can see from above the ‘Base’ theme is actually installing (hence the blue bar) Jenkins and Totem are already installed and ready to go. I really like the way they have implemented this it’s so easy to install and get going.

Manage Themes

By downloading and installing the themes from the Backpack plugin, it not only installs theme, it also installs the child theme as well. Not for Totem though I manually uploaded that theme to ensure everything went smoothly, guess what? It did.

I think it may be a little unfair to make the statement ‘Don’t let the simple designs fool you, the reel magic happens under the hood’ well at least the first part at least. Meaning although they are simple in terms of design I really like the no fuss approach. No bloated crap you will never really need, just a simple effective designs that put your content at the focus of everything you do.

I wish I could tell you I had a good play around, editing code left right and center and the pro’s and the pitfalls encountered. However I am not a coder it would be misleading of me to do so and dare I say it I would hate to paste code snippets that could do more harm than good!

No. I Will Leave That To You…..

ThemeButler are currently in beta and are inviting WordPress designers, site builders (or what ever you wish to be deemed as) to take part. It’s completely free to sign up during the beta, so there is no excuse not to take their products for a spin 😉

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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