Scan WP A WordPress Theme Detector Plugin Review

Scan WP A WordPress Theme Detector Plugin Review

Find out What WordPress theme is that, thanks to a new plugin

P.s. it also tells you what WordPress plugins they use as well

Scan Wp WordPress theme and plugin detector
Ever wanted to know what the competition is using in terms of  WordPress? By this I mean finding out what WordPress theme or indeed WordPress plugins they may well be using? Well until now it’s been mainly down to websites like this online WordPress Theme Detector.

If you have ever laid awake at night and wondered what WordPress theme is being used or indeed broke into a sweat and asked yourself what WordPress plugin is that? You would have traditionally visited the two aforementioned websites and then gone back to bed. Or perhaps feverishly purchased the WordPress theme and plugins so you can compete.

Run your very own WordPress theme detector on your website

Yup, I got contacted a couple of days ago by a chap (I’m assuming it’s a chap) called Avi, he mentioned that he has very kindly created two plugins for WordPress theme detection and of course working out what WordPress plugins a website is using.

I know some people get wood over this kind of thing and sometimes it is nice to know what the theme or plugin the competition is using or indeed if you have come across a website and take a morbid interest into what they are doing. Either or.

Well the Scan WP plugin (there’s two versions) allows you do to all of the above, detect a WordPress theme / plugin and then rest gleefully in your chair knowing full well (whilst letting out a maniacal laugh and stroking a white cat) what WordPress goodies someone is using.

As I mentioned there’s actually two versions of the Scan WP theme & plugin detector. First up is the one that can be embedded in any WordPress blog post or page with a simple short code it’s called:

Scan WP Theme and Plugin Detector

Scan Wp WordPress theme and plugin detector
Scan WP WordPress theme and plugin detector

With a very simple short code you can embed Scan WP’s theme and WordPress plugin detector directly into a blog post or indeed page. If you wan’t to see it working scroll down to the bottom of this post and you will see it in all it’s refinement.

I’ve tested this plugin (you can too remember scroll down folks) and it works, plain and simple it works. It outputs what WordPress theme a site is using along with a list of plugins with links two view more information on them. It’s not well styled and in fairness could have done with some settings in the plugin back end to style it.

Couple that with the ability to add in (just my ten cent’s) affiliate links to purchase theme or WordPress plugin listed. As it is you get now real settings of any kind just a simple shortcode.

The other version of the WordPress theme /plugin detector is called:

Scan WP Theme and Plugin Detector – Admin Version

Scan Wp WordPress theme and plugin detector admin version
Scan WP WordPress theme and plugin detector admin version

This version is a little different. Some may well prefer not to have a WordPress theme detector running on their website, that’s where the admin version comes into effect. You see there is no shortcode. Everything is done from the WordPress back end and you’re detector is safe from prying eyes.

If you want to find out what theme or plugin a website is using in private and don’t fancy using What WordPress theme is that or indeed WordPress theme detector then you can do it from the comfort of you’re very own WordPress admin.

Guess what? I’ve tested this plugin as well and it works. Now I’m not going to give you access to my back end, you’ll have to test it out yourself and download it from!

It’s hard to review this type of WordPress plugin

When I was approached by Avi for doing a review of the two plugins I got quite excited by the prospect. It’s a novel idea and to a degree it’s well executed. The benefits of the plugin (the shortcode one) would be a reduced bounce rate on your website, people would pop back and take a look at the page and post and it would become a resource as such.

I did ask Avi if there was a pro version available with more options / customization and sadly he said no. With his belief that this type of thing needs to be free, whilst I admire his position on this I do feel he could have been on to a winner with this.

As I said it’s hard to review these kind of plugins as they achieve one purpose ultimately satisfying peoples interest. I’m not that way inclined however if you’re looking at adding a theme / plugin detector to your website you could take a look at it and see what it offers.

Now as I promised here’s the WordPress theme detector up and running (see below)

For those of you who immediately scrolled down (shame on you) my overly wordy review of Scan WP must have led you here. Anyways if you do use the scanner remember to put in the site as such: (it doesn’t work otherwise). Enjoy.


I’ve decided to not have the plugin on my site. Not for any bad reasons except it was getting a bit of attention and was being used a fair bit. As this is a review I think it only fair to point the plugin authors website instead! Take a look at ScanWP here instead and give it a go.

Scan WP Plugin Review
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WPin's verdict on Scan WP

Scan WP is a good little plugin, both versions in fact. However I do feel the dev is missing a trick and it does need more features. The ability to style the output display of results when using the shortcode version would have been awesome. Also the ability to add in affiliate links and such would have been great as well.

Presently it does add a link at the bottom of the search box which states Scan WP with a link to the authors website. Whilst not a major factor it could put some people off in fairness. Also how long will this service be available for? I mean if the uptake is massive then surely his servers are going to be crippled with the amount of requests going through? Maybe he can comment on this in (funnily enough the comments section) we'll wait and see.

No complaints with the admin version it does what it says on the tin, all in all it's worth a look at for sure. Download it today from and have a play around.


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