Should I Buy Twitter Followers

Don't buy Twitter followers! A Warning.
Don't buy Twitter followers! A Warning.
Don’t buy Twitter followers! A Warning.

If you’re in doubt about buying Twitter followers. Don’t do it.

Well if you’re googling this and want to know whether or not you should buy Twitter followers, I’m here to say (with a proven experience of it) don’t. I’m not ashamed to admit it, in a rash attempt to raise my social profile on Twitter I headed on over to Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace for a range of services, people will submit your website to search engines, share your blog posts on Facebook, promote you and such. There’s a lot of good services on Fiverr actually. If you wanted to you can take a look at Fiverr and see if anything takes your fancy. So that’s Fiverr explained then.

My gripe isn’t with the service provider on Fiverr (no names mentioned)

In fact they actually provided what I requested, they delivered over 1800 followers to my Twitter account. Yay, I thought. My social profile will go through the roof! I’ll be popular and people will scream WPin from the rooftops.

Well that’s what I initially thought as I clicked on followers to see who followed me. As my slightly intoxicated hand wavered over the followers link I as aghast at what I saw. Even in my slightly inebriated state what I saw was quite awful.

This is the point I’d show you a picture of the followers. Let’s just say they were eggcellent. If you get that, then you know where I am going.

A vast majority of my purchased followers were actually egg picture profile, never tweeted once in their life looking mutha*******.

I’ve recently had a cleanse on Twitter. I’m down to 200 followers. You know what? It feels good.

I was in a rush to increase my presence on Twitter. I’ve been on it in some shape or form for a number of years. Had an old profile, got bored switched it up, to coincide with the direction of which as you will no doubt know I do change quite regularly.

Anyways, where was I? So in an effort to increase my social profile I elected to buy Twitter followers. Do I regret it? Sure I do, crikey I wouldn’t recommend it.

The types of followers on Twitter I had prior were manageable, heck I even got on quite well with a few. After buying followers nothing really changed, nothing at all. Except the follower count, which sucked the big one in fairness.

Here’s why you should not buy Twitter followers

Right where do I begin? Ok let’s start here: 

If you’re even thinking of buying Twitter followers don’t do it. Concentrate on your own followers, forget about looking for short term gains. Take it from me it just doesn’t work in the long run. It really, really doesn’t.

Ok so I had roughly around 2000 Twitter followers thanks to the Fiverr gig. All well and good, I would say roughly 95 percent of them hadn’t tweeted in over a year. A large number had celebrity pictures as there profile pics, the rest had the egg.

In truth I spent around 5 days deleting and blocking them in an effort to undo my misgivings. Yes I said misgivings, it was a beleaguered attempt to grow my social following on Twitter.

Would I recommend you do it? Well f*** no.

What did I learn from buying Twitter followers?

Well not to do it. Straight up just don’t. Avoid the ball-ache. It really, really does not make a difference. If you’re thinking oooo people might follow me as they stare longingly at my follower count being bigger. It’s a myth.

It really is, it just looks fishy. I took a step back from Twitter and looked at my profile from a perspective new followers viewpoint. It’s didn’t look pretty I can assure you. It looked awful.

Sure I only lost a few bucks in the long run, but the time and effort it took to deadhead the junk followers was brutal on my fingers.

I did however find a really useful piece of Javascript that helped me…

Block fake twitter followers in bulk

Now this little trick saved me an extra few days I’ve got to be honest. Basically you run it in Google Chrome from the developer console, it’s a cut and paste job (so it’s easy). If you want to know how to do it, take a look at this link on Block & Remove Fake Twitter Egg Followers

Every buy Twitter followers? What’s your experience?

It’s over to you now, have you ever bought Twitter followers from a social media outlet? Ever purchased followers from Fiverr? What’s your experiences? Good or bad, let me know with your frank and honest opinion.

As ever it’s other to you, leave a comment and let’s get this party started. Oh by the way if you wanted to follow me on Twitter (and you’re not an egg looking mofo) get in touch here.


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