Social Commerce WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Reviewed

Social Commerce WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Reviewed

Social Commerce WordPress Plugin Overview

Looking to make your WooCommerce powered store a little bit more sociable? Well now you can, this handy little plugin will give you a fully functional Facebook store!

This awesome plugin available on CodeCanyon, literally allows you to add a store tab to your business or brand page on Facebook. How does this benefit your store or business?

Well the simple answer to that is the Social Commerce WooCommerce plugin allows you to tap into the media savvy Facebook populace by adding a more than functioning shopping cart.

Adding products to your cart is incredibly easy as is browsing, Facebook users need never leave there beloved Facebook and why bother? Not when they can stay on the same platform and go shopping! Increase your brand presence with the Social Commerce Plugin.

The shopping experience is incredibly smooth, allowing you to check out directly through Facebook. Thus ensuring an incredibly professional and smooth process for end users.

Could this be the ultimate social plugin for WooCommerce? Quite possibly…

Social Commerce comes packed with features, it is worth noting that in order to use this plugin you would need an SSL certificate for your store tab, these are available from your hosting provider. Failing that have a search around for SSL certificate services.

  • Plug ‘n Play Installation
  • Automatic Updates
  • Works with any WordPress theme with an installation of WooCommerce
  • It’s own Settings Panel
  • Homepage Content Chooser
  • Logo uploader
  • Background uploader
  • Featured Slider
  • Social sharing for products
  • Responsive Design
  • Create for WooCommerce

I love this plugin, it is truly fantastic and more than worth the poultry $33.00 on CodeCanyon, if your a business, or just starting out with WooCommerce and launching your own store this is an essential plugin to maximize your impact on Facebook.


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