The WordPress Time Machine

The WordPress Time Machine

Where we’re going we don’t need roads….

Got in an interesting email from a chap called Alex Price about a little project his company 93digital a London based WordPress design agency have developed.

Essentially it lets you view all the major versions of WordPress since 2004 (all 25 of them).

93digital director Alex Price states: ‘The rise in popularity of WordPress, particularly in the last few years, has been staggering. I wanted to build the time machine as a visual reminder of how simple WordPress once was, and how proud we should as a community to have witnessed and been a part of its evolution.’

I had a good look through it earlier on and it’s interesting to see how WordPress has grown into (and continues to grow). From the rather basic admin and theme right through to the version we all know and love today.

Why not take a step back in time and see how WordPress looked through the ages. May well trigger a few nice memories for those who were there at it’s inception. For those who have only just started using WordPress, it’s a great example of all the hard work and effort those who work on and those who contribute have achieved over the last 10+ years.

I urge you to take it for a spin, you can view The WordPress Time Machine here.


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