Using Linkedin to find contacts for your company

Using Linkedin to find contacts for your company

One of my roles many moons ago, nay aeons ago was that of a recruitment consultant. Viewed by some as parasites suckling the teat of the bottom of the barrel monster, others as professionals whos services they could not do without.
I never suckled.

Nonetheless as I am no longer in the game so to speak I though I might share a tip on LinkedIn and how to leverage it, great for people to get names from if they encounter the dreaded ‘gate keeper’ (out of the game but still remember the phrases).

The following can be employed by anyone looking to promote their services are just get a foot in the door in terms of name gathering. Finding worthy candidates etc etc.

Well if you have not used LinkedIn before, I would avert thy eyes as this post will be lost on you. If you do use it then this could be of benefit. Although some of you will more than likely have adopted similiar if not exactly the same methods so sorry if I am teaching you how to suck eggs (my gosh, all the terms are coming back to me now!)

Linkedin as a search tool

Using Linkedin itself to find people all well and good but for me personally if I want to find someone in a snap I would use Google to search. Google + Linkedin =quicker results.

So lets start with an example:

You work in sales, you have a great product or service you feel a potential client would be interested in, you hit reception with no name. You get stonewalled. It has happened to us all. Trust me.

You believe in your product/service, you will not be detered. You have the company name, you just need a name of an individual (ideally, matching your product or service). So let’s do some investigative work.

First port of call see if you are linked to anyone through your contacts on LinkedIn if so request an introduction etc, etc.

No luck? Then lets begin.

Google is your friend, remember that. There is not a lot it cannot find in the right hands.

Company is Microsoft. (not to much of a challenge then!) You need to find someone @ Microsoft based in the UK.

  • Identify the job title you need that matches your product/service.
    The product in question is a new thingymebob, its fantastic for those in marketing and will make their lives easier.

Ok armed with that brief snippet of info its off we go, Microsoft has a no names policy. You need a name.

In google simply input the following search perimeter: + “microsoft”



As we can see the results are pretty useless at this stage, however we can narrow it down. Microsoft is obviously a massive company with a huge amount of employees and a real established presence on Linkedin, hence why we need to filter our results by adding some more search details.

Same again this time we will drop in UK as we need a name for our thingymebob product for the UK market. + “microsoft” + uk


Curses, yet we are seeing results for UK entries on Microsoft so all is not lost. Lets enter some more info our product as we remember is great for those in marketing so lets add that. + “microsoft” + uk + marketing



By entering the word Marketing in we are really narrowing it down, you could go as far as entering “marketing manager” in quotation marks which would look like this: + “microsoft” + uk + “marketing manager”

This will only look for those @ microsoft (or those who have worked there in the past) in the UK with the term Marketing Manager.

Its not too hard to find the people you need to when push comes to shove. Linkedin is a fantastic tool and a worthy investment for any company looking to network. The tactics or method above will only work for those who have public profiles. Whilst this might get the foot in the door for some others may struggle, its not for everyone.

Its just a way for you to leverage social media to get something with a bit more substance for your business. The site search perimeter can be used for any site. So why not give it a whirl when you are next researching a target company or trying to find that must have candidate!!


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