Viral WooCommerce Plugin Buy For Me Review

Viral WooCommerce Plugin Buy For Me review on

Viral WooCommerce Plugin Reviewed

Well greetings people, greetings. Today after a stint away I will be taking an in-depth look at a recent find I purchased from CodeCanyon entitled “Viral WooCommerce Plugin: Buy For Me”.

I saw this plugin on CodeCanyon and I have to admit it did indeed catch my eye, why? Have you got a second? Good let me explain…..

What is your biggest pain point using WooCommerce?Viral WooCommerce Plugin Buy For Me WordPress CodeCanyon

Well no doubt many of you would have said attracting traffic to sell your products or indeed promoting products with a view to the inevitable sale. WooCommerce in it’s own right is a great little system, some of you will have no doubt read my post on the true cost of WooCommerce and I do admit it can be a little on the pricey side to get up and running.

Saying that I do applaud those who show gumption, I wish I had the skills many developers do to create awesome plugins for WooCommerce. I’m an ideas man at heart, a tinkerer.

That being said this little plugin peeked my interest on CodeCanyon. Why? Because it’s different the Viral WooCommerce plugin is a cut above the rest that are offered.

It’s unique in it’s promise, yet is such a simple and innovative idea I honestly don’t know why the developer of it didn’t contact WooThemes and set up a selling site purely for this plugin. I really don’t.

It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity, it’s succinct nature. Driving more traffic and turning visitors to your online WooCommerce powered store to advocates of your products, enticing others to buy for them.

I digress you want to know how you can increase sales with this WooCommerce plugin didn’t you? Soz.

I do waffle, for that I apologize. I suppose we should look into how to install the Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me plugin. Have to say it’s as simple as navigating to plugins and add new and uploading the ZIP file from CodeCanyon upon purchase.

Yup, that simple. However you might be a little lost as to where the controls / settings are for this little plugin. Worry not my friends for it resides under the WooCommerce tab in the admin menu, under settings.

 Viral Buy For Me WooCommerce Plugin installed

As you can see from the above images it was a fairly straightforward affair. Just remember though to navigate to WooCommerce in the admin bar and you will see the below:

Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me Tab in WooCommerce settings

Notice the tab to the far right? Well that’s where we’re going to go, so hold on to something people. It’s about to get real. Let’s take a look at the options for the Viral Buy For Me plugin:

Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me Plugin review on
Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me Plugin settings page

I’ve had to split the above image of the Viral WooCommerce settings tab in half, in order to explain it and to ensure that it fits on this review post.

Viral WooCommerce Settings – What’s available?

Well first up we have the logo upload, this is obviously quite straight forward you just need to upload a resized logo or if you just want to take your websites title simply leave it blank. If you’re uploading a logo then you can choose the height of it and set dimensions appropriately etc.

Choose to enable or disable the button on product pages site wide. It’s worth noting this can be done on an individual product page as well so you can enable or disable on a per product basis.

You can also choose to enable the button on new products that are added or disable and do it on a per product need. Want to display the button when you have the quick view plugin active? Enable or disable, the choice is yours.

Color options for Viral Plugin

Window background color using the color picker choose what you like the look of, this background color is used popup which opens up upon clicking the Buy For Me button on a product page. The options panel allows you to change the text color, the heading color, input background color and lastly the input text color. So you can mess around to get the look that fits with your existing online store.

What about the rest of the settings?

Well the rest of the settings are all to do with translations. Here you can change the text strings that appear in the pop up upon click.

We can change the button text, headers for the popup box and much more. Quick tip, make it enticing for visitors to click up on the button.

Viral WooCommerce Quick View
Viral WooCommerce Quick View

I purposely gave my button the label of GET THIS FREE, I like it, it’s catchy. It gives visitors a reason to click on the text button and find out more about how they can get the product for free.

 Translation settings

Translation settings for Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me plugin
Translation settings for Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me plugin

Putting it all together with the Viral Plugin

I personally think this plugin is pretty darn sweet, the time I have spent with it so far has been fun. Creating catchy text for a call to action and offering an incentive for visitors to click on is pretty sweet. See below for how it looks on the product page itself:

Viral WooCommerce product page
Viral WooCommerce product page

Obviously you can call the button whatever you chose, it’s completely up to you. I like the GET THIS FREE CTA. Buy hey that’s just me. Now we’re going to go back to the popup.

Viral WooCommerce Popup

Once you have chosen your colors, changed the text to whatever you want it to say it’s time to take a look at the functionality of this WooCommerce plugin.

Color Scheme: Here you have a number of presets for the color schemes you visitors can change from a number of different styles to suit their needs.

Take a look at the slideshow below for an idea of the color styles offered to end users in the popup itself:

As you can see there are 9 different color options in total. Couple that with the fact you can elect to hide the price from the recipient (which is pretty cool) as is the ability to change the button text!

All of this done from one popup with a real time view of how it will look when sent to a friend. It’s a great idea for a plugin and one that I think will help increase sales!

The Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me email

Once everything is filled in and sent to a friend they will of course receive an email complete with your choice of words. So what does it look like? Well take a look at the below for how it displays:

Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me email
Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me email

Would have been good to…..

The plugin itself is good no question of that at all. What I would have liked to have seen is the ability to offer a coupon to those who share a product. A unique code generated upon submission of the product to be used by the recipient.

Also would have been nice to be able to track what products are being sent. Would have been awesome for every email that is sent for the admin to be notified of A) the product in question and B) the email address of the individuals sharing and receiving the email.

This way we COULD offer a coupon or some kind of discount to both parties. That being said the Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me plugin is a great addition to any WooCommerce powered website and I recommend it quite highly indeed!

Like I said elsewhere, I actually purchased this from CodeCanyon and I have to say it was $15.00 well spent.

If you want a reason for your visitors to share your product then this little plugin is the perfect addition to your online WooCommerce store.

Viral WooCommerce Buy For Me Review
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    Cost - 10/10

Viral Plugin Verdict

I have to say this plugin is pretty darn awesome. It's rare to see something that could have a real impact on sales if you're using WooCommerce.

It's simple and effective and well worth the paltry $15.00 it costs on CodeCanyon. In fact I'm surprised at the pricing in truth.


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