What WordPress product would you like me to review next?

It’s over to you, recommend a WordPress product you’d like reviewed

Well what would you like? I do love reviewing WordPress products and helping people make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a WordPress theme, plugin or indeed service.

In truth reviewing WordPress products helps me as an individual grow my skills, to that end I’d like to review more WordPress products! I thought I’d do something a little different and ask you the reader, what would you like to see?

There’s so many WordPress products out in the wilds, it’s hard for me to pick one in particular to review. So I thought you the reader would like me to review something you are thinking of purchasing or have heard about.

So it’s over to you, if you’d like to get involved leave a comment with what you would like me to review.

Developers? Sure you can leave a comment.

But do bear in mind by promoting your own theme, product or service, you will be subject to me performing a no holds barred review. So if that’s your bag and you have 100% confidence in your product, by all means join in with a comment.

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