Why WPin

Find out more about how I review WordPress themes, plugins and how I go about my general day to day. Helping consumers of WordPress products save money and educating those who will heed my wisdom.Why listen to my review opinions on WordPress themes & plugins?

No favoritism

That’s right I have no and need no allegiance to a particular WordPress theme or WordPress theme developer. What does this mean?

It means I’m not ramming a particular theme down your throats for financial gain.

Those who know me will know I don’t stand for fluff or bluster. What does this mean?

It means you get my take on a theme from a consumer point of view, minus the spammy junk. Win, win.

Easy to understand

I’m a simple guy at heart and look to offer a consumer perspective on themes & plugins, I pull no punches and offer my opinion in an easy to understand format.

As a consumer (not a developer) you get a real-world review of a theme or plugin from installation through to usage. No developer gobbledegook.

Your feedback

Your feedback is important to me and dares I say it this is your opportunity to tell others about a particular WordPress theme.

Get involved, ask questions on a review I have performed. I will do my level best to answer you and give unbiased advice or opinion.

Real world examples

I truly believe the only way to review a WordPress product is by using it out in the wild so to speak. Every review I write takes me ages, I try to cover as many angles as humanly possible.

Problems I may have had, ease of use, functionality and more. By doing this I hope to educate those who have expressed an interest in said theme or plugin.

By doing this I believe I am performing a service to those who would listen. I am creating a resource for WordPress consumers, the kind I wish I had seen before I bought some real duds:-

Think of WPin as a resource when potentially purchasing WordPress products. Read warts and all reviews. Make an informed decision when purchasing themes or plugins.

Cant take the heat? Get out of the kitchen. I deliver unbiased reviews without the need for dishing out bluff and bluster to make something seem better than it is.

How many other websites can say that about WordPress products?

WordPress product review scores

Every WordPress theme or WordPress plugin I review I put through its paces. You may see reviews of WordPress products on other sites that some a bit light or fluffy. I don’t offer that here on WPin.me. It serves no purpose.

Every WordPress product I review be it a theme or plugin I like to go to town. I love reviewing WordPress products, it’s really interesting to me.

I rate themes and plugins on design/cost/functionality and ease of use. Sometimes I will through in another rating title if the theme or plugin warrants it. I usually rate out of 5 or 10 (depends on which one I remember to do!)

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