WordPress Theme And Plugin List Posts Are Back Major U-Turn

It would appear I’m going to have to hold my hands up and say I will be creating them again. A while ago I wrote a post on list posts and why they suck here. Since then I have decided to start writing them again.


Not for a drop in traffic (I’ve decided to also drop my traffic reports as well as I get bored writing them) you understand. However these list posts are still popular, and if you cant beat them join them.

What I will say is the list posts for themes and plugins will have had their fair due diligence performed on them. I don’t want to recommend you take a look at themes / plugins I wouldn’t purchase what would be the point of that?

Instead I will scour the web to find you awesome plugins / WordPress themes that you may well have never heard of and ones that I feel could add value to your current WordPress powered website.

I’m not a big fan of creating list posts, however they do get shared. As I mention I will be collating themes / plugins with you in mind, I will start to run top themes and many other posts to add useful curated content to you the reader.

Some will say I’m a charlatan after spouting off about no more list posts and such. However I think a different spin is warranted and as long as the posts are created with the reader’s best interests in mind and not misleading.

Do you think I’m wrong to do so? 


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6 thoughts on “WordPress Theme And Plugin List Posts Are Back Major U-Turn

  1. I’ve been away from blogging for more than a year, but have still been following WordPress from afar. I really want to get back in the game and I’m starting to put together a new strategy. I’ve also been thinking about this issue of list posts. I think sites like Colorlib are pretty just spam at this point, but spam that still makes money. I’m looking to get back into a series I started called “WordPress Themes For” which, while still list based posts, looks into a specific niche and researches current web design practice, then I try to suggest free and paid themes that would fit the niche. I think you’re right, lists are a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be informative and useful. Great to read all your progress here by the way. Looks like things have been on the up and up for you.

    • Hey Will,

      Good to hear from you! Hope you are well. There are plenty of spammy posts at the moment on the web with reference to list posts. I’ve got a new way of doing them now, they need to be informative for a start. They need to be a worthy read and offer the reader an insight into the theme itself and what to expect along with any pitfalls if applicable.

      The blog is doing well thanks no where near the level I had hoped by now, but best to keep plugging away and all that. Good to hear from you Will, been a while!

      All the best


      • Thanks for the quick reply. I agree with the need to bring value to readers. This trend of bashing out mindless lists to eke out a living through affiliate cash is going nowhere. It’s obviously a saturated space. I’m looking forward to your future list posts to see which direction you take it in.

        As for your blog not doing as well as you’d expected, is there a particular reason for that or is it simply the nature of the beast, i.e. that it’s a case of grinding it out over the long-term?

        Let me also say that the reason I really appreciate your blog is that you take a no bs approach to WP and blogging. I think that’s great.

        • Hi Will,

          It’s a horrible trend, however the permeate the top of Google like a plague, the offer no value whatsoever. With reference to the blog it’s just time, I work during the day and in the evening blogging is a struggle after a 9 hour day, so it’s just a question of setting aside some time to create content. It’s a long game, one I will stick with though!

          Thanks for your feedback on my no BS approach, I don’t mince my words when it comes to writing about themes / plugins, reviews and such. Never want to mislead people just educate them as if I was a consumer looking for a theme / plugin.

          How’s WPLiving going now?

          • Time is the biggest factor indeed. This past year, I stopped blogging due to having to work two jobs – daytime and nights. Fortunately, that nightmare is now over and I am back to 9-5, which means (in theory at least) some time to devote to blogging.

            As for how wpliving is going. Well the short answer is that it’s not going at all. It’s been dead for a year. So the question I’m faced with now is whether to revive it and if so why and what for.

            I wrote a post about that last week: http://wpliving.net/reality-check-blogging-going/

            Basically I want to see if I can turn the blog into a source of revenue. Something I’ve never really done before. Can I work the 9-5, write the blog, provide quality content and earn some extra money.

            It sounds like that 2nd job is coming back! But the thing is, like you, I really enjoy WordPress and blogging. I’ve just never really pushed the monetization side of it.

            So I’m thinking of re-launching wpliving as an experiment in monetization.

            Let me see where this takes me, but if I can get the momentum going again, and raise the blog form the ashes as it were, It would be great to collaborate with you at some point on something. Just throwing that out there for the near future.

            I remember the blog post you wrote over a year ago now in which you invited WP bloggers to think about their favourite posts. That was an excellent piece and I enjoyed participating. Would be great to do something like that again…

  2. There’s nothing inherently wrong with list posts, but they need to be more than a lazy list of affiliate links. People buy themes and plugins by shopping around for solutions that meet their requirements, and comparing them to make a decision. This can be really time-consuming.

    Done properly, list posts can aid the process by putting all the information in one place and allowing direct comparisons. However, they’re only worth having if the author adds real value and doesn’t just copy the text from the sales page!

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