WordPress Theme Shops I Trust. As A Consumer.

A while ago Sami of Foxland Themes (great WordPress themes by the way) wrote a blog post recommending WordPress theme stores or shops if you will. It was entitled WordPress Theme Shops That I Trust.

There’s some great recommendations in the post, with WordPress theme shops I’ve never heard of, the fact Sami recommends them (being the seasoned theme developer he is) would imply they are of great quality.

From my own perspective having purchased a shed load of themes over the years, I thought I’d share WordPress theme shops I trust, as a consumer not as a developer.

The recommendations are based on either me reviewing the subsequent authors works or based on personal usage.

WordPress Theme Shops I Trust

Foxland Themes

Foxland Themes

Not wanting to butter anyones muffin here, my first entry is Foxland Themes (please note these are not in any order, just my own recommendations). For the simple reason I actually reviewed the Checathlon WordPress theme from theme and loved it.

It’s a versatile, good looking and easy to use theme from Foxland, I have no problem with recommending them at all. Definitely take a look at them for your next project.

Read My Review | Visit Foxland Themes

Array Themes

Array Themes

A while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Paperback WordPress theme from Array Themes, what a joy! Loved the theme, very clean and precise. I’d have no qualms over recommending Array for quality WordPress themes, if you get a moment take a look at what they offer.

Read My Review | Visit Array Themes

PixelGrade Themes

PixelGrade Themes

PixelGrade Themes actually approached me to review one of their themes, which then incidentally run into two reviews of their themes.

PixelGrade where at one point quite the news as they released a theme (which I reviewed) on Themeforest for $225.00!! That being said, what I do like (and why I recommend them) is there themes functionality and ease of use.

If you have the time, I’d recommend you take a look at PixelGrades themes.

Read My Rosa Theme Review | Read My Pile Theme Review | Visit PixelGrade

StudioPress WordPress themes


I love StudioPress themes, for those of you who don’t know StudioPress they are the creators of the incredibly popular Genesis Framework. What I love about their themes is the simplicity of them.

They are incredibly easy to get up and running, their designs are minimal yet functional and it’s relatively easy to create something striking for your brand or business.

Visit StudioPress

Anariel Design

Anariel Design

I’ve got a lot of time for Ana Segota of Anariel Design, not only does she make clean functional WordPress themes, she is incredibly nice to talk to on Twitter. I had the pleasure of reviewing one of her themes namely the Veggie WordPress theme.

I have no qualms recommending Anariel Design, I was critical over a specific feature regarding WooCommerce on the Veggie theme. To which Ana actually listened to me and implemented the change. That to me speaks volumes!

Read My Veggie Review | Visit Anariel Design

MyThemeShop Themes

I do like MyThemeShop’s range of themes and WordPress plugins. I’m a regular user of them and can wholeheartedly recommend them, I’m actually using one of their themes here on WPin.me.

I’ve been using them now for around 3 years and can honestly say I’ve not had any issues, which as a consumer is great in itself.

I’ve written a few reviews on their plugins and indeed themes. Recommended for those in the marketing / blogging world.

Subscribe Pro ReviewSchema Theme Review

Writer Theme Review | Visit MyThemeShop



Again I was approached by Primoz of ProteusThemes to review his WordPress theme Adrenaline, which I duly did. Well as a result of the review and my findings I decided to use it on my day jobs company website! Now that’s a recommendation alright, I love the theme it’s clean concise, easy to use and striking.

Couple this with the way Primoz conducts himself in communication via email, helpful and polite and you have a WordPress theme store you can trust, I definitely recommend ProteusThemes, take a look at their theme store for more quality themes!

Read Adrenaline Review | Visit Proteus Themes

If You’re Not On The List Don’t Be Offended 😉

There are literally shed loads of WordPress theme stores out there. The above are recommendations based on personal real life experiences and I stand by the quality of their works.

It just goes to show you that marketplaces are all well and good with the likes of Themeforest etc. However there is a wealth of quality WordPress themes out there that are not on marketplaces.

So give an independent WordPress theme store a try, you will be surprised at just how good their themes really are.

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