WP.io An Introduction To A New WordPress Tool

WP.io An Introduction To A New WordPress Tool

Introducing WP.io

We’re building wp.io – a unique network and tool kit for WordPress users and professionals. We crawl, scan and analyse millions of WordPress sites to give you a unique insight into the WordPress ecosystem and access to time-saving tools and information. There are three key areas of the site:

A WordPress site scanner

homepage screenshot site report
homepage screenshot site report

The backbone of wp.io: anyone can scan a WP site (wp.io/wordpress-site-scanner) and get a free report that includes recommendations for things to check or improve. You can also sign up for free to get access to a dashboard which lets you track sites on an ongoing basis to be alerted of any changes or potential problems.

Each report covers the version of WordPress and theme being used, the status of SEO basics and selected legal compliance issues and results from bench-marking the site against industry standards like W3C HTML validation and Google Pagespeed.

For WordPress newbies, the site report is a great way to make sure you’ve covered the basics. For experienced developers, the reports can be used as a quicker way checking over or finding out about a site. We’ve used the site reports as:

  • a checklist for putting a site live – have I remembered to add a meta description?
  • a sign-off checkpoint for clients – third party verification that the site was set up correctly at a particular point in time.
  • a quick way to find out what theme a WordPress site is running

Scan your site now and try it out: wp.io/wordpress-site-scanner

The wp.io theme explorer

homepage screenshot theme explorer
homepage screenshot theme explorer

We think this is the best tool in the world for finding WordPress themes (wp.io/themes). Uniquely, we can show you examples of real sites running a particular theme. This cuts out a lot of the uncertainty in buying themes – how easy is it to adapt in the ways I want?

Now, if you want to know how flexible WooThemes’ Bueno theme is you can just have a look:wp.io/wordpress-theme/bueno/ – it’ll show you any sites we’ve found that use it. You can also sort, filter and explore themes from multiple providers like Themeforest, Mojo Themes, WooThemes and Elegant Themes.

WordPress directory

homepage screenshot directory
homepage screenshot directory

We think that WordPress is all about the people that make and use it, so our WordPress network wouldn’t be complete without a directory of WordPress professionals. So here it is: a searchable directory of WordPress professionals and the sites they’re connected with: wp.io/directory/.

If you need to find a WordPress developer, designer or content strategist, you can look at the sites they’re involved with and see a recent wp.io site report for each so you can see exactly how good they are. Sign up for free and show off your work at wp.io/directory/

The big picture

We’re building wp.io because we think that as great as WordPress is, it’s missing a trick. There are millions of sites out there, each almost totally disconnected from the others, yet running almost exactly the same code.

We got fed up of digging around ‘View Source’ to find out what theme a site was using, and even more fed up of buying themes that only looked good with their demo data installed. #

Underpinning all wp.io’s services and features is information. wp.io gives us a fascinating insights on a regular basis: we know which are the most popular themes, the fastest sites, the themes used by top-ranking WP sites and more. Head on over to the site and we’d be happy to share that information with you: wp.io


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