WP Subscribe Pro Review How To Get More Subscribers & Promote Content

WP Subscribe Pro Review. Engage and attract new subscribers, showcase your content.

I’m a bit of a fan of MyThemeShop in truth, I use their WordPress themes and really love the simplicity of them, as well as the SEO benefits of using them.

That being said, I was contacted about reviewing the WP Subscribe Pro plugin by MyThemeShop, so I thought, why the hell not?

What is the WP Subscribe Pro plugin, what does it do?

WP Subscribe Pro by MyThemeShop.png

There are in fact two versions of WP Subscribe there’s a free one here, although it is limited in terms of comparison to the pro version.

The WP Subscribe Pro plugin has a raft of features available to help you gain more subscribers and promote content.

It does this by using a popup or by a styled box at the beginning of a blog post or indeed at the end, or anywhere you would like through a shortcode.

Navigate WP Subscribe Pro review:

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Let’s install WP Subscribe Pro

Installing is easy, this can be done from the back end via the ZIP file. Once uploaded there’s a new menu item added settings in the WP menu on your left. Clicking on this opens up the following screen:

WP Subscribe Pro WordPress.png

The above looks bare, however it’s by enabling the popup we are given even more options:

WP Subscribe Pro Popup settings.png

You will see from the above we have options here ti enable a site-wide popup that shows our subscribe form. However it is not just limited to email subscription, you can in fact show related posts and custom HTML.

The selection boxes cover:

  • Show subscribe form in popup
  • Show related posts in popup
  • Show custom HTML or shortcode in popup

You can also change the width of the popup box here under the Popup Width settings by dragging the circle to the required length. It’s worth noting here that the popup is actually responsive!

Popup box animation

Here you can set whether or not you popup box will be animated, you have around 36 different choices to make here, from swing in from left, flash, bounce in and a whole lot more.

You also have exit animations for those who don’t want to subscribe when they click on the ‘X’ to close the box another animation will spirit it away so to speak.

Animations are a great way to grab a reader’s attention and add a strong call to action!!

Of course you can simply choose to leave it without animation.

Popup box overlay

The background behind the popup box can be changed in the next setting, using the colour picker box we can choose a color we want and set the opacity, so you can color it however you wish.

The Preview Popup function this is incredibly useful

Popup preview WP Subscribe Pro.png

In the settings for the Popup box and all other tabs, is the ability to preview your Popup, which is incredibly useful for those looking to get the styling and messaging just right. It’s a welcome additional and will help you no end.

Popup content setting

The next tab along is entitled Popup content setting. This tab actually throws up a different section based on your selection on the previous tab. See below for what I mean:

If we choose: Show subscribe form in popup

Popup content email subscriber.png

Selecting this option via the radio selection circles, we are shown the screen above which will deal with choosing your subscription settings, text output and color choices.

WP Subscribe Pro actually offers support for 19 different email services which are as follows:

ActiveCampaign, Acumbamail, Aweber, Benchmark Email, Constant Contact, Drip.co, FeedBurner, Freshmail, GetResponse, K-news, Madmimi, MailChimp, Mailerlite, MailPoet, MailRelay, MyMail, SendGrid, Sendinblue and lastly Sendy.

I use MailChimp for email subscribers

MailChimp Settings for WP Subscribe Pro.png

Adding your MailChimp details is a cinch, all you need is your API Key from your MailChimp account, once added you will be able to select a list to set subscribers to! Nice and simple.

Like I said there are plenty of different platforms covered by WP Subscribe Pro, so you should be catered for in that respect.

Back to the settings:

Popup content email subscriber.png

After we have chosen our platform for subscribers, we can tinker around with the title (which supports HTML), the text on the box, the placeholder, and set text for the button.

We can also set a success message to be displayed to our new subscribers! So fill your boots with a lovely message, we can also set an error message as well.

Lastly we can add some footer text to be displayed, privacy rules and such could be entered here.

The last section we have the color settings for the box itself. We can choose to load a predefined color set, currently there are two on offer. They are a good starting point to make changes to though.

We can change the background color of the box, the title, text, field text, field background, the button text color, background and lastly the footer text color.

You can make it as jazzy and snazzy as you like, make sure to ensure it stands out!

Killer feature alert!

thank you page redirect.png

I noticed that if you check on MailChimp, you can actually redirect the users to a thankyou page afterwards! That’s an awesome feature, great to be able to redirect users to a page thanking them.

Perhaps fill it full of useful materials, or what they can expect from your awesome newsletters!

WP Subscribe Pro Popup box trigger settings

popup box triggers.png

The next tab if along if we are enabling email subscriber popups is the popup triggers. It’s here we can choose where we would like to show the popup.

Popup Pages

You can choose to show on the front page, single posts, pages and custom post types. As well as on archive pages, search results and lastly 404 error pages. Simply enable or disable via a check box.

Popup Triggers

Here we can choose whether or not we want to show the popup when the visitor hits our site. Whether we want to time our popup to show in seconds, whether we should show the popup box when the user gets to the end of your content.

As well as showing the popup on exit intent, this means when a user moves his cursor away and towards exiting your website a popup will show. Lastly we can choose to show popups on screens larger than a specific size, this is measured in PX or pixels.

We can also choose to set the cookie expiration date, the last thing we want to do is annoy visitors by showing the subscription box every single time!

Choosing related posts as a Popup

Not fussed about email newsletters or growing your readership through email? Well how about showing related posts in a popup instead?

Related posts content popup.png

If you choose to show related post content in your popup, then navigating to the Popup Content tab will show different options.

It’s here you can set a title and some text to go on the box itself. You can choose a background color for the box, set the title color, text, and line color.

You can also select whether or not to show post categories and post excerpts this outputs like the below image:

related posts content popup display.png

It’s a great way to highlight other content and keep people on your website for that little bit longer!

The popup settings for this are the same as the ones for the email subscription.

Show custom HTML or shortcode in popup settings

If you choose to show custom HTML or shortcode in a popup you can, all the animations etc will still be available it’s just the color styling options would not be available. See below for image of settings for this:

custom HTML shortcode.png

You will need to either know HTML or must remember to attribute a div class to it:

You need to attribute the associated div class of “popup-content” to ensure it displays appropriately.

The last tab – Single Posts

This option lets you insert your subscribers box above the post or below the post or via a shortcode.

It’s entirely up to you how you display the box. Personally I like the option of the shortcode option as it gives you the option to put it where you want.

Especially handy if you have some long form content! So you can pepper a blog post or page with some rather handy calls to action to subscribe.

All you have to do is insert the following shortcode:

[ wp-subscribe ]

That’s all you have to do, or you could just set it and forget it by electing from before post content or after post content.

Also worth noting is the following:

You can in fact disable the popup on a page / post basis. Simply by scrolling down your post / page you will come across an item in the right hand section as below:

disable enable on post page basis
disable enable on post page basis

A rather handy feature I’m sure you will agree. In fact you can disable the pop up and the before or after display of your subscriber, related post, custom HTML code!

What about a widget?

subscription widget
subscription widget

Well WP Subscribe Pro does come with its very own subscription widget. The free version is limited compared to the pro one.

The pro version gives you the ability to change the text and labels associated with the subscription service of your choice.

As well as options for double opt-in notifications, and the thank you page redirect.

If I had to choose between the free version and pro version, I would pick the pro one. Mainly because of the additional functionality.

I’m not saying the free one is not fit for purpose, far from it. But if you crave the popups and exit intent functionality then it’s pro all the way.

WP Subscribe Free Edition V WP Subscribe Pro – Whats the difference?

Well, there is in fact quite a huge difference in terms of functionality. The free version does not allow popups for a start, it’s limited in terms subscription services, and customization options.

The free version is great, and I recommend taking the time out to install it and play around with it.

It’s by testing the free version you may well decide to upgrade to the pro one. Test the water so to speak then take the plunge!

What I like about the WP Subscribe Pro plugin

  • It’s easy to use
  • Plenty of options in terms of animations for popups
  • Great redirect to thank you page, perfect for redirecting to additional content as a thank you
  • Ability to add custom HTML code in a popup with support for shortcodes, think contact forms and go wild.
  • Great for lead capture

How could WP Subscribe Pro improve?

  • Would be great to create a load of different popups and assign them on a page/post basis
  • Some kind of reporting functionality to show how many views a popup has had
  • A / B Split testing would be great, so we can show the right popup, box to the right audience through vigorous testing to get it 100% right

It’s offer time. Grab WP Subscribe Pro for $19.00 instead of $29.00

Yup, MyThemeShop has an offer on at the moment which sees you saving $10.00 on the WP Subscribe Pro plugin. All you have to do is add the following code to checkout ‘SubscribePro19’.

Offer ends Saturday 15th of April! Better get in quick then?

WP Subscribe Pro

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