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WP Testimonial-Slider

How Do You Showcase Your Feedback / Testimonials?

Showing testimonials on your website, whatever business you’re in can be a powerful thing indeed. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a job well done, not only do they serve as a useful insight into how you operate they can also help you grow your business.

Displaying them in a novel and interesting way helps your business showcase it’s offerings and the results attained by customers. The WP Testimonial Slider is designed to do just that, it helps you promote your latest feedback / testimonials for all to see. Not only that it shows them in an eye catching way.

Lets Review The WP Testimonal Slider Plugin

This plugin comes in two flavours for a start. There’s the free version which is available on the main website although features are limited and then there’s the pro version. For this review we will be getting stuck into the Pro version of the plugin.

Testimonial Settings
Testimonial Settings

Upon installing the WP Testimonials Slider (much like any other WordPress plugin) you will have a new admin menu item entitled ‘Testimonials’. These are: All Testimonials, which takes you to an overview of all testimonials created, much like the standard view all posts option in the WP admin. Add new which will allows you to funnily enough create a new testimonial, testimonial category so you can file your testimonials appropriately and lastly a settings page (which is what the image above shows).

The General settings option lets you choose the transition change from slide to slide there are 9 to choose from things like carousel, fade, fade out and more. Choose to pause on hover, auto play them, change speed and more. You can even change from responsive to non responsive although I cannot image you’d want to do that! You can also choose whether to have paginated testimonials or just leave them as slides.

Testimonial style settings
Testimonial style settings

The Testimonials style settings tab gives you control of several options from an aesthetic point of view. Here you can tweak options such as font style, weight, colors and more. So if you have website that is very particular in terms of design you can tweak these to fit in with your website and get your testimonials looking just the way you need them to look.

Testimonial advanced settings
Testimonial advanced settings

The advanced settings tab lets you tinker with the font schemes of which there are 5 to choose from. You can also set the height and width of the avatar for the testimonial author, choose a border thickness / border style. Lastly there is a style and theme option which lets you choose from 9 different pre made styles.

So What Does It Look Like?

Well as there is a few different layout and display options you can take a look at some of those listed below. It really will take a tinker around to find something that fits the bill for your website but at least you have some options available to you.

Display Options

More display options

There are 9 different display options plus the fact you can tinker around with them to get them just right in terms of color, font and of course sizing. As I mentioned it is responsive to boot so it will scale to different browser devices and of course mobile devices.

Is WP Testimonials Any Good Though?

Ok so gun to my head time would I buy it? Well yes for a start it’s only $9.00 which is a pittance in fairness. Those more skeptical of you will no doubt think that’s cheap as and there’s bound to be problems. Well I have installed it on a dummy domain I own and everything is running as it should. Apart from the odd spelling mistake in the back end interface (mainly due to language) it runs perfectly. So yes I would buy it.

However, there’s some things it could do better.

For a start there is no shortcode reference in the plugin none that I could find anyways. I had to refer to the main site to get a list of shortcode implementations to make it do what I needed it to do. Whilst it’s not a major bug bear it would have been nice to be able to access shortcodes from the back end or at least display them so you can put them in place with minimum fuss.

Also being fair, the title of designation is not really relevant to USA / UK businesses. Would have been nice to be able to rewrite these with a title of your choice.

Downloading WP Testimonials Slider

The free plugin is available from their website, you have to subscribe via email to download. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy. There will be some that will state if there is a free version available why is it not on WordPress.org? That I cannot answer, time will tell if it’s used by thousands upon thousands of you.

If you wanted to grab yourself a copy for free you can visit their main website and download the plugin here or if you wanted to just buy the plugin for $9.00 outright then you can it’s here.

WP Testimonial Slider Reviewed
  • 9/10
    Ease Of Use - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cost - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Features - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Style - 7/10

WP Testimonial Slider Review Verdict

It's a relatively simple little plugin. One that could help showcase your feedback and entice potential buyers to utilize your services/products. It's easy to use and a breeze to set up, could have done with being able to rename the fields and also could have done with a shortcode guide. Or maybe even an ability to fit them directly into the WordPress editor. These are minor quibbles and do not overall ruin a handy and useful little plugin.


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