WPin.me Is 1 Years Old What Happened?

WPin hits 1 year old. Happy Birthday


So maybe I should start by being truthful? Ok so I’ve had the domain WPin.me since 2010, I’ve created a load of different iterations. I’ve recreated the site as one thing then as another. I blame my butterfly like mind, always with the next big idea and sadly failing.

So I started again from scratch, kept some of the blog posts I liked, deleted the rest. Personally I blame my flitting brain, I should theoretically be enjoying the same level of success as some other WordPress blogs about WordPress. Especially if I’d just stayed consistent.

I have a following. Sure it’s nice to have some regular people who email me with questions and such. Makes me feel part of something, if I’d just stuck to my original plan I’d be knee deep in warm waters on a sun drenched beach somewhere.

Perhaps with a bevvy of beauties fanning my ever present smile as I sipped another Piña colada. Sadly this is not the case.

I let slip of my goals, I stuffed up. I f*cked up. I admit it.

I sit here sipping from a glass of mothers ruin (or a Gin & Tonic to the layman) pondering my life blogging. I never set out to make the big bucks, I started WPin as personal endeavor. A way to track my progress with the web things I’ve learnt, things I should take note of.

Rebooting WPin

Yup this is about the 15th version of WPin.me. I sh*t you not, (ok maybe that’s an embelishment) however I have changed. I became blinded by the next big thing, mindful of the need to change and adapt.

I threw caution to the wind and with each new iteration of WPin.me I became disheartened and quickly returned it to a blog. Then I had another brainwave, rinse and repeat.

The problem is and one that I struggled with (for some time might I add) is that I am not a developer. How could little old me in all good conscience write about WordPress if I have never developed a theme or a plugin?

Who in the blue blazes would ever listen to me? Jeepers? I mean really who?

Then it all changed.

Back in July last year I decided to take stock of my life. The fact I am approaching 40, I work in a day job I love but I want to have something for me and for my son. I want something that I can earn an secondary income from. Something that will invariably go towards to my sons University fees. Which is a long while off might I add.

How can I do that?

How can I achieve such a goal. How can I create revenue from a blog? The penny dropped. It hit me like a thought anvil. I don’t have to be a developer.

I don’t have to sift through code, I don’t have to create WordPress themes or plugins from scratch. I can write about WordPress from an average Joe’s mindset. I am an average Joe.

So I’m average.

Sounds like a weird statement to make? Sure. However I am average, I’m just like you. I’m an average guy writing about WordPress from a consumer point of view.

I’ve used WordPress for a freaking age now. I mean I know how to administrate a site, get a blog up and running in no time. I know how to set it up the right way.

What plugins to use, what themes to use the whole shebang.

I’m a glorified administrator, yet I’m cool with that.

It’s true, I can administrate the crap out of a WordPress powered website. Heck I know it like the back of my hand. It’s through this that I feel I CAN write about WordPress.

WordPress powers xyz percent of the web

Yes it does. There is no denying it does. It’s become super popular, incredibly so. I didn’t get into WordPress because of the popularity of it. I got into it because I found something I liked, nay loved.

I can write about WordPress as you. You the percent of the web that uses WordPress, you the people who use it on the daily who aren’t coders / developers.

Admission and rant over, what’s next?

Well if you’re still reading and want to find out how someone who changes his blog nearly as often as his underwear read on. Next I will be covering some of my favorite blog posts over the last year or so.


Hey there, I run WPin.me. I blog about WordPress, write reviews and offer tips where I can, why not follow me on Twitter or something?


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