WPin October Web Traffic Report 2015

October vs September in Google Analytics

Well Octobers stats are in for the blog and I’d thought I’d share them with you. Before I give you the run down on them let’s take a look at what I did throughout the month.

Creating new content for the site

I was kind of busy I must say. I created 10 new blog posts for the site, including reviews a special offer round up, some opinion posts and more. What I will say is I was off on holiday from the day job from the 29th of October which led to a flurry of posts as I enjoyed my new found freedom and got back into the swing of things!

So content wise was great creating something that hopefully you guys and girls enjoy.

Engagement on Twitter

Everyone has there social media platform of choice and mine is Twitter, I can’t really stand Facebook in fairness, I don’t use it that much and some might say I’m missing out. However the engagement I’ve had on Twitter is of more substance and I’ve already gained some new followers and it’s led to review requests and more.

I like to keep a list of contacts on Twitter as you never know when you will need their sage like advice or indeed services. In fact I grew my followers by 30 for October, whilst not that many to some, it has lead to tweets back and forth and as I mention review requests.

Checking my Google analytics Twitter accounted for 66 visits for October compared to 20 in the month of SeptemberI’m really going to concentrate on Twitter in November as for me it yields the best results.

Let’s take a look at Octobers Analytics

October Google Analytics

If you look at the above it’s considerably better than Septembers analytics report. Things are definitely on the up in terms of visits, page views and more. To get a better idea of what I mean lets compare the two. See below for I mean:

October vs September in Google Analytics
October vs September in Google Analytics

So I had a day extra on September granted. However it was a Saturday which is usually one of the lesser days for traffic as people kick back and relax etc.

Well the great news I’m up 500 extra visits! Which for me is pretty epic!!!! I put this down to the sudden flurry of blog posts towards the end of the month and of course my Twitter interaction.

Everything is up, page views, average pages viewed length of time on site and of course my bounce rate has gone down! Really pleased with October and it’s encouraging to see that a little hard work both on site and indeed off site has afforded me an increase in visits.

November plans on WPin

Well thanks to my outreach on Twitter, I have a number of reviews coming up which will see me taking a look at some premium WordPress themes and of course plugins.

I will be working on the WordPress Theme & Directory section, and will allow theme / plugin developers to submit their products for inclusion. This will have to be a pay for resource. I say that as I want to keep the quality up there, I don’t want rubbish being submitted for the sake of it. So I am looking to action this as well over the coming week.

Couple that with some more opinion pieces and of course adding more deals to the WordPress Deals section it should continue one an upward trend! (Fingers crossed).

So how did you do in October?

Be great to hear some feedback of how you did in October so why not leave a comment with how you did and what you did to help others?

Well if you do why not look at all of my website traffic reports since the beginning of time here.


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