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September Google Analytics

Hey all, I used to do these a while ago but I thought I’d start afresh. I made some bad choices at the beginning of the year and messed up my site in fact at one point I even considered selling WPin.me.

After all it’s a nice short domain name and 4 character domains are quite sort after. Would it have sold who knows? That doesn’t matter now as I have really started to get into a swing with the blog and found my feet again.

I took the site off line tail end of July for a period so I could take some time to reflect on what direction I wanted to go in. At one point I thought about creating a directory for WordPress developers and even started taking submissions etc. However I was not happy doing this. 

I wanted to write, you see I really do enjoy WordPress I really do. I like creating with it and love tinkering. I think I let myself get caught up in things looking at other websites that write about WordPress and seeing that they write about code sometimes.

This is where I lost my mojo, looking at other websites that are written by those who have experience coding and can tell you how to do it. I became disheartened, how could I ever hope to compete with such sites? I know a bit about code from a tinkering perspective but compete with them no. No way.

Switching it up, taking a different direction.

That’s where I decided why not try a different readership? Why not write for small businesses, individuals and more looking into WordPress or indeed just starting out. So I decided to go down the WordPress blog for consumers angle.

This suits me well and the elated feeling of not having to write about things I have no real idea about has spurned me on no end. I am actually enjoying myself again, I’ve been enthusiastic about the blog with friends and family and am in a really great place at the moment in terms of blogging!

As I mentioned I took it down end of July 2015 to re-evaluate and decide what direction I wanted to go in. It was a tough thing to do, I deleted a number of old posts and then started it back up again around the 21st.

I won’t go into too much detail on the above as it’s Septembers traffic I want to focus on as to me it’s the one with the most significance. So let’s take a look at September.

Septembers Web traffic for WPin

September Google Analytics
September Google Analytics

So a full month since the changes I made on the site, compared to June & July’s full results month traffic went up by a couple of hundred visits however the bounce rate increased considerably. I put this down to me deleting a raft of posts I was not happy with and were not my cup of tea.

They offered no real value and in truth were a bit spammy affiliate driven crap. It’s not in keeping with the direction I want WPin to go in. Sure I took a hit in terms of bounce rate and in fairness I would expect this to change if I have done things the way I planned.

Publish rates for September

September saw me publish 5 posts in total, which helped drive some traffic to the website. I did have a range of ideas for more posts for October (which incidentally I have implemented as it’s now the end of October). Could I have done more? Sure I could have done, however I was short on ideas and didn’t want to write for the sake of writing.

Plan of attack for October

This is weird writing this now, I should have done it at the beginning of the month! Anyway one of my plans was to up the ante in terms of content and at least write 6-7 blog posts that should attract some traffic.

How did you do in September? Let me know how you’re doing with a comment!

Well if you do why not look at all of my website traffic reports since the beginning of time here.


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