WPin Traffic & Income Report November 2016 How Did I Do?

Audience Overview November

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – November 2016

November was a quiet month and a busy month for me. Quiet as in my activity on the blog only having published 4 blog posts and one of them was Octobers round up of traffic!!! Busy in the day job, so never got anywhere as much time as I would have liked to blog!

Let’s take a look at how I did in October compared to November then:

WPin’s Web Traffic In October 2016

October Web Traffic On WPin

  • Sessions: 4854
  • Users: 4288
  • Page Views: 6621
  • Pages Per Session: 1.36
  • Avg Session: 00:01:05
  • Bounce Rate: 83.99

WPin’s Web Traffic In November 2016

Audience Overview November

  • Sessions: 3261  – 1593
  • Users: 2944 – 1344
  • Page Views: 4702  – 1919
  • Pages Per Session: 1.44 + 0.08
  • Avg Session: 00:01:02 – 00:00:03
  • Bounce Rate: 83.32 – 00.67

What Did I Do In November?

Nothing much, traffic took a bit of a dive in fairness compared to October. However as you will have no doubt read last months report you will have noted the amount of traffic about one particular post that drove a ton of traffic!

I’m not too disheartened in fairness. When you compare November to August, I am actually up on traffic! Why August? Well September saw me write another post which went a bit crazy. So I’m using August as a bench mark. On that basis I’m actually up by 200 visits!

What’s New On WPin? Buy Advertising!

Well I took advantage of CodeCanyon’s Cyber Monday deal and grabbed a copy of the Ads Pro plugin for WordPress, it was a steal! So I thought I would run my OWN ADVERTS on WPin, from interested WordPress creators.

You can now advertise on WPin, in the sidebar, top of blog posts or indeed bottom of blog posts. You may well have noticed the adverts running at the moment, they’re quite eye catching. Have to say the plugin works really well and I’m looking for interested WordPress companies to take up some of the ad slots!

If you would like to advertise on WPin you can do so here.

WPin Earnings Report

See below for earnings for the month of November:

  • MyThemeShop – $43.80 for reviewing Schema Theme
  • Google Adsense – Got rid of it
  • ThemeForest – $30.00 various links on the blog
  • ShowThemes – $23.70 various links on the blog
  • Shopify – $26.00 link on blog post

Total November:  $123.50 October: $129.60 down $6.10

So a little down on last months, as I’ve said before I’m not in it for the big bucks! Which is just as well really 😉


Well I suffered November, from lack of effort in fairness. However it’s a lesson moving forward and one that I only have myself to blame for. So it’s onwards and upwards from here!

How Did You Get On In November?

Let me know how you got on last month in terms of traffic! Would love to hear your thoughts!


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