WPin Traffic & Income Report October 2016 How Did I Do?

October Web Traffic On WPin

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – October 2016

I was lazy, well not lazy in fairness. Lazy on WPin, busy with everything else. I’ve recently been asked to undertake some more work for a friend of a friend and have been busy making plans for that. WPin took a seat on the old back burner.

That’s not to say I did nothing at all, far from it. However I didn’t expect the traffic results I ACTUALLY did receive from little effort. Read on to find out more.

WPin’s Web Traffic In September 2016

Google Analytics September 2016

  • Sessions: 3915
  • Users: 3521
  • Page Views: 5080
  • Pages Per Session: 1.30
  • Avg Session: 00:00:55
  • Bounce Rate: 83.98

WPin’s Web Traffic In October 2016

October Web Traffic On WPin

  • Sessions: 4854 + 939
  • Users: 4288 + 767
  • Page Views: 6621 + 1541
  • Pages Per Session: 1.36 + 0.06
  • Avg Session: 00:01:05 + 00:00:10
  • Bounce Rate: 83.99 + 00.01

What Did I Do In October?

Well if I am being honest, not an awful lot. I only created 6 posts in total! So what led to to a large jump in traffic over Septembers stats? Well put simply it was one article. Oli Dale someone I follow on Twitter (you may know him from WPLift), put out a tweet which sparked some controversy.

Not from Oli’s tweet you understand but what the tweet was about. The tweet in question was about GoDaddy getting a WordPress theme approved double quick time on the WordPress repo.

So I decided to create a blog post about it called: GoDaddy Gets WordPress Theme Approved On WordPress.org In Same DayTo say the post was popular was an understatement. You will probably note the jump in traffic on the above screenshot of my analytics. This was in large due to this post.

In fact according to my JetPack stats that post alone over 3 days scored 1.5k in page views, which is not too shabby at all. Really please with how people interacted and how much it was shared, it even made it on to ManageWP, got me a mention on Torque mag as well.

WPin Went Down As Well!

Yup lost 3 days worth of stats due to the fact my hosting provider (I’m on a shared host) went pear shaped half way through an plugin update. So spent a day or so getting the blog back on line! It’s all fun and was a learning experience to say the least!

Top 5 most popular blog posts/pages for October 2016

The stats above are from Jetpack and give you an idea of what posts are indeed popular on WPin for the month of October.

WPin Earnings Report

Right well I have been asked about this from a comment on another post and by email as well. So I thought I might share with you how much I made in October:

  • MyThemeShop – $41.80 for reviewing Schema Theme
  • Google Adsense – Not a big fan of it $20.00 (roughly)
  • ThemeForest – $20.00 various links on the blog
  • ShowThemes – $21.80 various links on the blog
  • Shopify – $26.00 link on blog post

Total: $129.60

Not much to right home about in terms of revenue, however I have never been money orientated with WPin. It’s a personal endeavor and if I make money along the way that’s all good.


Similar to last month I did not write a lot of content, yet the traffic went up considerably. This is due to the post on GoDaddy, it shows you that an impulse piece of content seizing on the moment can yield traffic.

The post was only shared on Twitter in the beginning and to a degree went viral, there was no time for it to be found on Google due to the time frame and immediacy of the piece. It all grew from twitter and was shared on Facebook left right and center. Which is ace for me! 😉

How Did You Get On In October?

Do let me know with a comment, I’d love to know how you got on what you came up with and how you fared in the world of blogging! Let’s bounce some ideas off of each other and help grow traffic!


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