WPin Traffic Report July 2016

Audience Overview July 2016 Website traffic report WPin

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – July 2016

Hey is it just me or are the months just flying by? Irrespective it’s that time of the month where I round up my website traffic. Without further ado let’s take a butchers at how I it went down.

June 2016 Traffic

Audience Overview June 2016 Website traffic report WPin


  • Sessions: 2685
  • Users: 2354
  • Page Views: 3852
  • Pages Per Session: 1.43
  • Avg Session: 00:01:09
  • Bounce Rate: 84.28%

July 2016 Traffic

Audience Overview July 2016 Website traffic report WPin


  •  Sessions: 2768 + 83
  • Users: 2482 + 128
  • Page Views: 3606 – 246
  • Pages Per Session: 1.30 – 0.13
  • Avg Session: 00:00:55  – 00:00:14
  • Bounce Rate: 86.85 + 02.57

What did I do in July?

Being truthful about it, I had a dejunk on Twitter got rid of a load of spam followers which took me bloody ages. Never buy followers from Fiverr, it’s just not worth it. In terms of blog posts I only wrote 3!

Which you have to admit is a pretty poor effort on my part. That’ being said I have been incredibly busy with the day job over at Video Brochures UK, speaking to clients and helping them create custom Video Brochure projects.

Which has taken a lot of my time up, even in the evening. Which is when I usually do WPin blog post creation! I can’t complain though, better to be busy and rewarded then sitting around scratching your nuts!

Blog posts created were the following:


I know, I know I should have created more content. My stats are down marginally however I have seen an increase of people getting in touch for me to review products and more.

It’s been a strange time, I usually invest so much time in WPin. It’s not that I’m getting bored of it, it’s just getting the time to do stuff. I’m also doing some consulting work with a former employee which is helping me to keep the wolf from the door, so it’s all good.

August will see me try to spend as much time as I can writing new content and of course review WordPress themes & plugins. So stay tuned for this month and upcoming content!

How did you do in July? Let me know with a comment!



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