WPin Traffic Report September 2016 How Did I Do?

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – September 2016

August was a busy month that’s for sure, however September proved to be even more so. Lots happened in terms of website traffic. Including a boost towards the end of the month and WPin being cited on a very popular WordPress related website, which is awesome. Lets take a look at August first then compare.

WPin’s Web Traffic In August 2016

Google analytics August
Google analytics August
  • Sessions: 3061
  • Users: 2768
  • Page Views: 3855
  • Pages Per Session: 1.26
  • Avg Session: 00:00:47
  • Bounce Rate: 86.87

WPin’s Web Traffic In September 2016

Google Analytics September 2016
Google Analytics September 2016
  • Sessions: 3915 + 854
  • Users: 3521 + 753
  • Page Views: 5080 + 1225
  • Pages Per Session: 1.30 + 0.04
  • Avg Session: 00:00:55 + 00:00:08
  • Bounce Rate: 83.98 + 02.89

What Did I Do In September?

As you can see from the above they’re all green!!! I finally hit over 5k in page views which is great for me. Bounce rate went down, more visitors on WPin so September has been the best year yet since I relaunched it! Happy days!

In terms of content I only added 4 posts! One of them was a traffic report for the previous month! So how did I get so much traffic without writing dozens of posts? Well let me explain…

One of the posts was actually a guest post so I only eventually created 3 blog posts! The most popular post I actually had written was one entitled: 1st Ever ThemeForest WordPress Theme Selling For $225.00!

This post became incredibly popular, I mean really popular. In fact it sent over 1276 visits to my blog in 4 days! 

How did this post come about?

Funnily enough I was getting ready for work and had some time to kill, checking through my emails and saw one that caught my eye. It was from a theme author who mentioned they were raising their pricing on one of their WordPress themes. It peaked my interest as I had actually performed a paid for review of the theme in question you can read that here.

In fact they had raised the cost of the theme to $225.00 which is a real first in terms of ThemeForest. So unashamedly I took 45 minutes before work and created a blog post about it. The rest as they say was history.

The post itself sent over 200 Facebook users, 58 twitter users and a load of Reddit users to my blog. I even got a mention in WPMUDEV’s email newsletter which in turn sent over 250 users to the blog!

Couple that with a mention on WPTavern as well and someone submitting my article to ManageWP here and you have some excellent sources of traffic!

I then wrote a follow up post called Themeforest ADP Author Driven Pricing On WordPress Themes And Plugins Now Live, which goes into more depth about the ADP going live on ThemeForest. I linked to this post from the other to get users opinions and what, in turn it has been shared and visited a number of times.

Top ten most popular blog posts/pages for September 2016

  • 1st Ever ThemeForest WordPress Theme Selling For $225.00! – 907
  • The True Cost Of A WooCommerce Store – 809
  • Home page / Archives – 571
  • How To Add A Register / Login Link In WooCommerce – 245
  • How To Build Your Own Amazon Affiliate Shopping Cart With WordPress – 231
  • WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin Review – 186
  • PILE WordPress Theme Review – A Striking Portfolio Theme? – 146
  • Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme A WordPress Website Builder Review – 126
  • August 2016 WordPress Theme Releases On ThemeForest – 116
  • 10 WordPress Viral Blog Themes To Make Sure Your Content Goes Viral – 96

The stats above are from Jetpack and give you an idea of what posts are indeed popular on WPin for the month of September. As you can see the ThemeForest price hike post I wrote was the most popular.


It just goes to show you that sometimes an adhoc blog article that you have a feeling about are the ones that you just need to go with. I had no content strategy in place whatsoever, I just went with my gut and shared it out into the ether it was pure luck it did as well as it did.

Author Driven Pricing on Themeforest was something that was hot at the time, hence why I saw a big surge in traffic. So my stats are up and I only actually (truly wrote) 3 blog posts! This month I will have to try harder as I cannot rely on this post alone.

Call it a bluebird blog posts, they don’t come along often. How did you do in September? Did your traffic levels increase or decrease? Share your experiences with a comment below!


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