WPin Traffic Stats April 2016

Google analytics April 2016

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – April 2016

The whole point of these blog posts is not to boast (hardly worth boasting when your just getting going) but to highlight how I’m doing in terms of traffic. For me it’s a personal log and a kind of note to self type thing, I look back on my Website Traffic Reposts and chart where I’m going right and of course where I’m going wrong.

April Traffic, was it any good?

I suppose yes and no. No from I suffered a little in terms of traffic but did crack on with a fair bit of content. Considering I write for WPin in the evening and it’s a personal project between juggling work and an 8 year old it can be quite tough

March 2016 Traffic

March 2016 Google Analytics For WPin.me
March 2016 Google Analytics For WPin.me

March was my best month so far on WPin with plenty of activity:

  • Sessions: 2707
  • Users: 2409
  • Page Views: 3860
  • Pages Per Session: 1.43
  • Avg Session: 00:01:22
  • Bounce Rate: 84.41

April 2016 Traffic

Google analytics April 2016
Google analytics April 2016

In April I was busy and took action to ensure I added new content to WPin. Whilst the below stats are not what I hoped do bear in mind that the below is a median throughout the month. I’m not disheartened, crikey if I was I’d have stopped months ago.

Instead I will use the stats to push me forward and do more in May to get where I want to be. I have set myself a target to work to, I’m not going to go into that here. However I think it’s achievable.

  • Sessions: 2527 – 180
  • Users: 2264 – 145
  • Page Views: 3335 – 525
  • Pages Per Session: 1.32 – 0.14
  • Avg Session: 00:00:59  – 0.0:3
  • Bounce Rate: 85.40 + 0.99

What did I do in April?

Well despite the above, I did create 8 new blog posts a mixture of different content as part of an experiment to see what people enjoy. See below for the posts created:

There’s a real mixture of posts here, from reviews, news and roundups. I’m playing around with different types of content to see what fits with readers and cement a plan moving forwards.

The WordPress directory

This is starting to gain traction now, what with me adding in WordPress themes and submissions from theme developers it’s starting to look rosy for this section. If you’re a WordPress theme developer or indeed plugin creator you can submit your product for free here.



Whilst I can hardly be chuffed with April in terms of traffic what with being down across the board, I can take comfort in the fact I upped my game in terms of content.

The additional content I added throughout April will be indexed by Google and no doubt bring me traffic in the long run. It’s a horse race granted, I’m no jockey you understand. It’s fun though and it’s my little slice of the internet. I’m hoping to add even more reviews, news, themes & plugins throughout the month of May.

How did you do in April? Let me know with a comment people, let me know.


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