WPin Traffic Stats December 2015

December V November

For those keen to find out how WPin is doing then you will no doubt read these posts, me personally? I like to keep track of it all. It’s been a couple of mad months with the day job and side projects that has kept me from blogging in anger, anyways that’s my problem right not yours!

I’ve done a lot but nothing to show for it 🙁

I worked on creating a splinter sight called LyrWP, which is now my testing ground for things like reviews of plugins and themes. I started off with the best intentions but true to form I regretted my decision.

I was a busy fool, when I launched LyrWP I immediately realized I would be regurgitating content. I had the best intentions at heart but it soon became apparent it was a fool hardy attempt at creating a thin content website. So I elected to reinvest time back in WPin.

What did I do in December?

Sweet F.A in truth. As already mentioned I put a lot of time into my side project and did not spend a shred of time on WPin sadly. Let’s take a look at how the traffic shaped up for December, bearing in mind it was the holiday season after all.

December V November

Well not fantastic but no where near as good as it could have been in fairness. Note to self must write more decent blog posts and get people visiting the website. I’ve had some truly awesome feedback on Twitter about my WordPress reviews of themes and plugins and want to really concentrate on that a heck of a lot more!Down all over the shop, I cannot get disheartened by this. It’s my own ruddy fault for trying to do too much and failing left right and center.



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