WPin Traffic Stats January 2016

January 2016 WPin Traffic Stats

Well same as Decembers web traffic report I literally did nothing new to the site. I didn’t write any new content due to the daily grind, which of course I’m not bitter about you understand!

It’s just very little time to myself to get WPin up to shape in terms of content it’s tough. Make time I hear you cry, yup I will do, I will do. Despite the lack of content I was relatively surprised to see the results themselves. I immediately though that traffic would take a nose dive with no new content and such. I was wrong. See below for what I mean.

December 2015 Traffic

December 2015 WPin Traffic Stats

December was not a great month in fairness (click on the image to see more if you like) if not see below for info on how it fared.

  • Sessions: 1974
  • Users: 1742
  • Page Views: 3086
  • Pages Per Session: 1.56
  • Avg Session: 0.1:17
  • Bounce Rate: 82.47

JanuaryΒ 2016 Traffic

January 2016 WPin Traffic Stats


  • Sessions:Β 2145 + 171
  • Users: 1963 + 221
  • Page Views:Β 2782 – 304
  • Pages Per Session: 1.30 – 0.26
  • Avg Session: 0.1:02 – 0.015
  • Bounce Rate: 85.45 + 2.98


Well despite no new content being added, the plus side is I received an additional 171 new visits and 221 users. Page views went down as did pages per session, average session and lastly my bounce rate went up slightly.

Again I’m not disheartened by any of the above. Why would I be? It’s down to me to write new content and get the blog where I need it to be.

As this is a side project and I don’t have anything heavily invested in it i.e. no money I can’t be disappointed. I just need to spend more time writing content, so 2016 here I come. In a big way!

How did you do in January? Let me know with a comment πŸ˜‰

Well if you do why not look at all of my website traffic reports since the beginning of time here.


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