WPin Traffic Stats May 2016

May website traffic report 2016

WPin’s Website Traffic Report – May 2016

Well yet another month has flown by here on WPin.me. It’s been a busy month on site and off site. With lots on in the day job and other affairs outside of blogging it was an uphill battle in terms of content creation. Without further ado let’s get Mays web traffic report underway.

April 2016 Traffic

Google analytics April 2016

April was down when compared to my March report however here it is as it stands:

  • Sessions: 2527
  • Users: 2264
  • Page Views: 3335
  • Pages Per Session: 1.32
  • Avg Session: 00:00:59
  • Bounce Rate: 85.40%

May 2016 Traffic

May website traffic report 2016


I set myself a goal in May, I wanted to create more blog posts than the previous month. Which I did do. Mini goals are more than achievable than one massive goal. However I do have plans for June which I won’t go into here. You can read more about that as I undertake a 30 day blogging challenge here.

  •  Sessions: 3080 + 553
  • Users: 2688 + 424
  • Page Views: 4314 + 979
  • Pages Per Session: 1.40 + 0.08
  • Avg Session: 00:01:07  + 00:00:08
  • Bounce Rate: 85.23 – 00.17

What did I do in May?

In April I created 8 blog posts in general. May saw me create 11 blog posts, a mixture of reviews, questions and roundups. See below for the posts created:

The WordPress directory

Another strong month in the WordPress directory, it saw a number of new theme & plugin submissions. As well as input from myself when I find something of interest to share with you the reader. If you’re a WordPress theme or plugin developer you can still submit your product for free here.


Wow, I’m so chuffed with May. It’s a major leap forward for my little slice of the internet. Web traffic has grown exponentially thanks to the new content I created. I really am pleased, sure it might seem small potatoes to some of you.

However for me it’s a step in the right direction. With the onset of my 30 day blogging challenge, hopefully traffic will grow even more! I know, I know I may well end up biting off more than I can chew.

By completing the 30 blogging challenge it should theoretically show you whether or not more content is good for rankings and traffic. Compared to a few posts a month. So stay tuned to my 30 day challenge post here, I will keep editing the post and updating it as I go with blog posts I have created.

For the record this was post #2 in my 30 day blog challenge.

How did you do in May? Was it fruitful? Did you create wonders in terms of content and millions? Let me know with a comment. Or if you would like to read my past traffic roundups please do so here.

This was blog post number #2 in the 30 day blogging challenge


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