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Looking for a WordPress product, be it a WordPress theme, plugin or indeed service such as hosting etc, can shall we say be a nightmare. Who do you trust when it comes to reviews, opinions and so on? How can you trust blogs and websites who promote themes / plugins / services for monetary gain?

Short answer, it’s hard too. That’s where  WordPress product directory comes in, it’s a resource for you to dip into to find a new WordPress product for your business / blog.

Save money on WordPress products
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I’m aiming to help you save money on WordPress themes & plugins.

My WordPress product directory is a curated collection of WordPress themes, plugins and service, all selected with the greatest care. As a consumer of WordPress products/services and having spent a boatload on themes / plugins, I’m ideally suited to help you save.

All the WordPress themes / plugins / services listed on the directory are from quality reputable developers. I can spot rubbish at 50 paces, this innate ability will serve you the consumer well, avoiding junk and ensuring you have something of quality for your website, your clients et all.

With honest feedback and useful opinions.

What’s the one thing you wished you’d seen or heard before you purchased a WordPress product? Honest feedback with useful opinions, not sales fluff to get you to buy something.

We’ve all been there, wooed by some sexy marketing copy, hit buy then be left with a turd.

That’s not how my WordPress directory works. I take great care in anything I find and recommend on the site, it’s impossible to test every single theme or plugin. However with some due diligence and ability to spot problem signs I don’t have to.

Want to find out how my WordPress product directory works?

(Let me explain why I set up my WordPress product directory and I warn you I may be a little sweary.)

The inception of my WordPress product directory

So at the time of writing I am 40 years old. I actually got started with WordPress around 9 years ago. Purchased a theme for my WordPress install and added content, the rest was history.

I do love WordPress, I find it very easy to work with and a great platform for blogging. It wasn’t always like that though. At the beginning it was very hit and miss, that incidentally was nothing to do with WordPress itself.

Finding a WordPress product
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Finding a WordPress product is hard It really is.

As a consumer you will no doubt struggle (I certainly did in the beginning), or be overwhelmed by the deluge of information pertaining to WordPress products. It’s a minefield out there, who do you trust?

With so much information on hand, it can be difficult to find an opinion that you find worth in. So I decided to pull together my WordPress product directory to help fellow consumers.

There’s a lot of noise out there.

It’s no joke, there’s a sh*t ton of websites about WordPress products out in the wilds. There’s blogs reviewing themes and plugins left right and center. A lot of these blogs gloss over the problems with themes / plugins.

They are merely pumping affiliate links into round up posts, making things sound sexy to get you to BUY something on poorly written content, just to make a couple of bucks.

Use my knowledge and experience!

I’m not a coder / developer, however I have picked up a thing or two along my 9 year journey. I can spot a dud WordPress product quite quickly. My opinions and feedback should help you on your quest to find a WordPress theme / plugin or indeed service that suits YOUR needs. I aim to help you the fellow consumer, with concise information and report my findings in an easy to understand way.

Still listening? Cool.

love my directory
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(here’s why you’re gonna love my directory)

It’s done by hand, no automation. I take care in what I recommend. I don’t want you getting caught with your pants down. WPin is not affiliated with any specific developer. No sell out here.

All opinions and insight are objective, no favouritism, see above.

  • It’s done by hand, no automation.
  • I take care in what I recommend. I don’t want you getting caught with your pants down.
  • WPin.me is not affiliated with any specific developer. No sell out here.
  • All opinions and insight are objective, no favouritism, see above.
  • 9 years of experience in buying WordPress themes / plugins / services.
  • Save money on themes, plugins and services.
  • Find a product that’s right for YOU. Not because we want your money.

You use affiliate links, you rapscallion.

Affiliate links
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Yup, yes and indeed. All the links on WordPress product entries are indeed affiliate links. There is quite literally no two ways about it. I spend an awful lot of time searching, researching and finding killer WordPress products, why shouldn’t I make some coin along the way? *However.

*Unlike other websites, I give you a choice. On each and every product listing you will find a non-affiliate link for you to click on. Don’t care for my opinion? Want to visit a site without giving me a slice of the action? Fine. I don’t blame you, so I give you the choice to do so. No hard feelings!

Q) How many other WP related websites give you that option?

A) Not many. Real answer, none.

What does the WordPress product directory run on?

Well in truth I’m using WooCommerce to list products, I’ve carefully built my product listings using the aforementioned eCommerce solution.
Nothing is for sale on WPin.me, that defeats the object of the site.
My directory is meant to help consumers find a product that can add value. What better way than to list products via WooCommerce. Let me explain.

The sole aim of my WordPress directory is to help you.

Each product listing on WPin consists of providing you with information. After all knowledge is power, giving or indeed sharing this power, will help you save money in the long run.

About product listings on WPin.me

Product listings aim to help, I think I’ve mentioned that already! However let’s break it down, so everyone is on the same page.

  • I take care in what I do, so the more information I can furnish you with, means you can make a more informed purchasing decision.
  • Each product listing will mention my initial findings as a visitor using the theme / plugin. If it’s service orientated I will do my utmost to educate and share my experiences.
  • Each listing will give you the right to review the theme, nobody likes fake reviews, so if you use the theme / plugin / service, leave a review to help others along their journey.
  • Themes / plugins have compatibility attributes, which is handy if you need a theme specifically for WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and more!
  • Request a deal! Now this section is pretty sweet, you’ll know what I mean once you have visited a WordPress product on my directory. If you look to the far right you will note a tab that mentions Coupons & Deals.

About coupon and deal requests

Coupons and deals
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This is your chance to request a coupon or deal on a WordPress product, all you have to do is fill in the contact form (please feel free to sign up to my newsletter at the same time!) and I will request a deal or coupon from the developer.

I will do the work for you

Once I have enough requests for a theme / plugin / service on my WordPress directory sent via email, I will liaise with the developer to see what discount I can offer you!

Think of it like group buying / buying power type thing

As an individual requesting a coupon or deal, 9 times out of 10, your request will fall on deaf ears. By all joining up together we can unite with more power (not unlike Power Rangers) and let our joint voices be heard!

I then email you the discount offer, you decide whether or not you want to take it! Simple as that really. I literally cannot make it any easier than that.

Are you a developer? Want to add your products to my directory?

I add themes and plugins by hand to my WordPress directory, that’s not to say I don’t accept listings from you the developer. I do not charge for this by the way, all I would ask is that you take the time to fill in my form properly.

Also just because you have filled in my form (below) it does not mean you will get automatic entry! I will take a look through your product and may well ask you some questions about it and why you think people would like it!

So if you’re still interested see below:


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