WPLift Up For Sale Who’s Buying?

WPLift for sale

WPLift for sale

Ok so I might be a little bit late out of the gate on this one, if you haven’t heard WPLift is up for sale on Flippa. I have to admit I was shocked at the sight of it on Flippa, I don’t know Oli Dale (the owner of WPLift) personally but have had dealings with him in the past.

I’ve always had the utmost respect for Oli and indeed WPLift, the way he goes about offering content and the blog posts he offers in general. WPLift started back in 2010, which was roughly the same time I started with WPin.me.

The difference between me and Oli especially after looking at his Flippa listing and the proven metrics since 2010 is dedication. In fairness I’m a little gutted that I don’t have Oli’s dedication as WPin would probably have been there or thereabouts the same level in terms of traffic and income.

Despite the listing on Flippa and getting disheartened at the level of traffic and income WPLift has generated it’s had a profound affect on me. In fact I was talking to a family member and showed them the WPLift Flippa listing. Their response? “Well you can do that can’t you?”

You know what I can. If I showed half the dedication that Oli has shown with WPLift there is no reason whatsover I cannot achieve the same results over time. So although as sad as it is to see WPLift being sold, the bonus for me is it has given me a target, something to work to.

WPLift Flippa Listing

WPLift.com Website For Sale on Flippa WPLift.com Large Authority Blog about WordPress Est 2010 75k Last Year

Well as you can see from the above WPLift’s Flippa listing is doing very well indeed. In fairness you’d expect nothing less from Oli, as it stands and at the current time of this article the listing stands at $75,000 with 15 days left of the auction.

The site itself is 5 years old andΒ last year saw the site produce 75K in income. The income itself was generated through a mixture of affiliate income and paid for reviews of themes / plugins plus directory submissions to the site itself, sponsorship and more.

It’s a rather healthy amount of revenue and I for one am incredibly pleased (maybe a little jealous πŸ˜‰ ) of how it’s done. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that right? Credit where credit is due though, WPLift has done phenomenally well in what is a quite crowded space for sites blogging in the WordPress niche.

So Who’s Going To Buy WPLift?

At this stage it’s unclear as to who will buy WPLift, with 17 bids so far and 15 days left on the clock it’s unclear who will buy it. Me personally? If I had the money would I buy it? For sure. Personally I think it will get purchased by someone in the WordPress product space, with a view to pushing a product / service at readers.

It would be awesome if they could continue the same level of enthusiasm and quality of content that WPLift has shown over the years. It would be terrible for it to get purchased by someone who see’s it as just a revenue stream without a clear idea of how to build it even more moving forward.

That being said, I will be watching closely to see who actually does by WPLift, if you would like more information along with revenue streams and traffic reports you would do well to take a look at the Flippa listing here for more details.

I for one wish Oli all the luck in the world, with the sale itself and any future plans he was. It’s a shame to see it being sold, Oli has his reasons (outlined in the Flippa listing and on his blog) I just hope it gets sold to someone with the same obvious passion for WordPress he has shown since the blogs inception.


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