WPLift Sold For $205,100 Going Going Gone!

WPLift sold for $205,100 dollars

WPLift sold for $205,100 dollars

WPLift sold on Flippa – Can you say kerching?

Well as you may or may not be aware news was circulating around about the sale of WPLift a very popular WordPress blog about WordPress up for sale on Flippa. In fact you might have read my post on WPLift Up For Sale Who’s Buying? earlier on in the month.

At the time of the article being published the WPLift website auction sat at a healthy sum of $75,000 with 25 days left to run. I can confirm that WPLift sold today on Flippa for an incredible $205,100!

With 102 bids the sale was finally complete at $205,100 have to say that’s amazing for a WordPress content site! Everytime I hit refresh last night the amount jumped up. Even Twitter was a buzz with well wishers and amazement at Oli’s efforts:

Over 205K for a WordPress related website?

That’s fantastic news for Oli Dale the site creator and I hope he’s pleased as punch with it! I must admit I’m secretly jealous (whoops just admitted it!) at the amount WPLift sold for however it’s awesome news for Oli and I for one am inspired to do more.

We all start out blogging for shits n giggles, maybe some of us have a business plan to a degree. There’s no quick easy solution to blogging or indeed generating income, sure there’s some scurrilous black hat methods to making money from your blog in the beginning. However in the long run, it’s just not worth it.

Oli has created something special with WPLift and here’s why you should never give up on your blog.

If you treat your blog like a revenue stream from the outset you will fail. If you are looking to make 10K in year one you will fail, it takes time and effort. Trust me I know, it takes dedication and setting aside time to create something users will read and subsequently share on social media.

Sure this blog post might sound like an open love letter to WPLift and Oli, it’s not thought. It’s in admiration of someone who took the time to create something people see value in, something that people will read.

It’s through the dedication Oli showed in his posts and offering insight and WordPress knowledge to the reader that has propelled his blog into the heady heights of one of the biggest amounts paid for a WordPress related content site.

It’s inspiring that’s for damn sure

It’s inspired me, it should inspire you. Do more, offer awesome content, be the go to place and when you’ve reached the plateau and want to sell to concentrate on other products or endeavors Oli has showed in spades what can be achieved.

I for one am really pleased to see WPLift sell for a decent sum, if the new owners dedicate half the passion and dedication the Oli has shown to WPLift I’m positive it will succeed moving forwards.

What do you think of the sale of WPLift? Do you have an opinion? Do you know who the new owner(s) might be? What direction do you think it can possibly go in now? Are you the new owner what are your plans?

Let me know your thoughts with a comment.

P.s. Oli, can I borrow a tenner?


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