Zopim Live Chat Review by WPin

Zopim Live Chat Review by WPin

Zopim Live Chat review overview:

This post takes a look into the Zopim Live Chat system, features, functions and how to engage with your website visitors. I will give you real world examples of how this Live Chat system has helped generate tens of thousands for a business I work for.

Does this apply to you?

You run a business an online one obviously and you’re stuck for ways to engage with your visitors. Email marketing is great return isn’t too bad, and of course you have contact forms on your website to catch lead data.

Both are excellent ways to generate and capture leads for your business. However both are not real time, by this I mean they are after the fact.

Looking for a new way to engage with your website visitors?

If you’re anything like me you’re always looking at new ways to engage with site visitors and generate new leads for your business to push to the sales team for follow up and such. Around 2 years ago I started researching into Live Chat systems to help the business grow and deal with customer queries in real time.

The site itself offers a wealth of services and I have contact forms on each page, request a quote forms and so on. The phone number is prevalent throughout the site to encourage phone calls in.

Here’s the problem with the above

All of the above measures work, no doubt about it. However what I have noticed over the last 2 years of using Zopim Live Chat is that not everyone want’s a phone call, not everyone wants to be emailed.

It’s all about immediacy

In this day and age of short sharp bursts of content and getting answers to questions in second many people want there questions answered there and then. They could be in a meeting about to go into a meeting and need an answer to present or they just don’t have the time to fill out a contact form or make a phone call. I know this from personal experience.

Searching for Live Chat systems

The web is awash with a varied mix of Live Chat systems, each with varying features to the other. In fact I even tried WordPress plugins aimed at Live Chat, some were good some not so good.

They just didn’t cut it, I needed more. Then I saw the free trial of Zopim Live Chat and thought why not try it out?


Taking advantage of the free trial of Zopim

Like anyone who works in marketing you’re always conscious of budgets and the cost associated to new technologies and of course there return on investment for the business. Thankfully the free trial of Zopim had most of the functionality I needed on a 14 day test basis, so I could test in the real world and see if it would be a viable option for us.

Getting up and running with Zopim was an absolute breeze in fairness, I simply cut and paste the embed code into the footer of my WordPress theme and voila, up and running in no time.

Zopim Live Chat features:

Before we go any further with this review, let’s take a look at the features of Zopim. There might be something here of real benefit to your business or it may not be for you so take a look at what it offers:

Zopim Custom Chat Widgets

Full Custom Chat Widgets

Like pretty much all Live Chat systems you can embed the code needed to display the chat widget, in this case you simply cut and paste into your websites footer.

You can also customize the chat widget to fit in with the general design of your website to engage with your visitors or make them aware you are there to help.


Zopim Live Chat Review Creating Triggers

Chat Triggers your website on chat auto-pilot

This is one of the most valuable features of Zopim Live Chat, it allows you to set triggers to automatically engage with end users based on your personal preferences. You will see from the image above you can set predefined criteria to auto trigger a chat message.

Some of the conditions include: day of the week, time on site, specific URL, visitor IP, visitor country, Visitor page count and a lot more besides. Let say for the purpose of this review we wanted to auto engage with visitors who wind up on the “video” page.

We would set the visitor page URL to equal the URL of the said page and we could perform the action of send visitor a message from the site agent (in this case test agent) with a clear targeted message ‘Do you need any help with Videos?’ 

Ok so that might be a poor example, you get the general idea. With so many different configurations it is possible to create a tailored message to each visitor to your site that fits in with your page content.

You could have a page called ‘request a quote on widgets’ with the target message of ‘Would you like me to help you save money today on Widgets?’ or ‘Would you like a quote on Widgets? I can give you a special discount ;-)’

The possibilities are endless and above all else creating enticing and interesting triggers means your website is on auto-pilot when it comes to generating leads!

WordPress plugin for Zopim Live Chat

There’s also a WordPress plugin for Zopim which adds a new menu item to your WordPress admin sidebar and gives you access to the dashboard of the chat system itself. So you never really have to leave your WordPress powered website to engage with users.

There’s even an app for Zopim

Yup there’s an app for both iPhone and Android users, which means you can still answer or support customers whilst you’re away from your desktop / laptop, I’ve used it on a number of occasions when stuck in traffic and it converts as well!

Zopim Dashboard Live Chat AKA the back end

Zopim Live Chat Review the back end

The back end of Zopim has a ton of features available to you in your 14 day free trial. You can configure your display name, chat avatar, view your chat history, take a peek at your analytic’s and more.

You can personalize your chat widget from here to make it more prominent decide which side to display the chat widget on and of course text to let you know that you’re there to help them.

You can also set more than one person up for Live Chat support, you can creat departments and allocate specific users to each one. So if you have knowledgable staff about a particular product / service on your website why not set them up to help? All they have to do is go the Zopim dashboard URL enter in their login details and they are away.

You can even pass one of your chats you’re involved with to another member who may well be able to offer more help than you can, which means customers questions get answered there and then.

Have a pesky website visitor who comes on (trust me this does happen) and does their level best to upset your day and waste your time? well you can ban them from the dashboard shown above or directly from your chat window! Saving you time and letting you concentrate on customers of real value for your business.


If you’re exceptionally busy and don’t have the time to sit there and type up questions etc you can create your own key shortcuts. This frees up your time and you simply enter in the shortcut key: for example “hello can I help you with anything at all?” would be “hello” it will then fill in the sentence for you, just hit enter. Nice and easy.


The Zopim Chat window – via dashboard

The above shows you how the chat window is laid out. You have the individuals name, email address and telephone number (if they fill that part in on the chat widget). Quite a few don’t in fairness but it’s not a major drama, once you have spoken to them you can get their info via the chat window and simply requesting it if you cannot answer their query there and then.

The chat window gives you plenty of information, such as where they are visiting form, how they found you (useful for Google Adwords users looking to get a return on their investment) the browser they’re using, what platform their IP address, host name and user agent.

Real world example of how I generate more leads with Zopim Live Chat:

I like to use a sneaky little trick with Zopim Live Chat, I cut and paste the IP address into the myip wesbite and check to see if they’re a home user or a large corporate or indeed a business. This can and has thrown up some interesting results and I have found myself tailoring the chat towards their business needs see below for example:

You check the IP on myip – you find out it’s a software company called A1 Software, you take a quick look in another tab and view their website. You get a flavor of what they are about, then you marry up a solution on your website to compliment their business. All without them knowing! 

I have used this method countless times and have won a considerable amount of business from using it, so take that tip with you if you sign up for the free Zopim Live Chat trial!!!!

Ask me how many chats I have had via Zopim…

Zopim live chat review history

Well if you have to ask, it’s over 8,000 chats which has led to some very sizable (and profitable) new accounts for the company, one of them being the biggest deal the business had had from online generation, champagne all round on that one!

Being truthful not everyone will chat to you, some find it an annoyance, however when you use the chat triggers and tailor your intro to people you often get great results and questions are raised and answered and you have yet another lead.

The key to using Zopim Live Chat to generate leads & engagement is…

Be funny. There I said it. Be yourself, don’t be another robot! Be different, be daring and have fun, if the last two years have taught me anything about using Zopim is that people like to have a laugh. Granted it will not always work, however don’t be afraid to be yourself when chatting to visitors. Ask them how there day is going, make it interesting for them, you will be surprised at the results this will yield, trust me.

I have lost count of the amount of chat leads I have passed on to my colleagues, they’re a hell of a lot easier to close and win due to the fact you have been quick in answering their needs.

When I showed the powers that be what I had achieved and what Zopim could offer the business they had no qualms about letting me sign up to the premium paid for version.

It was a fantastic business choice and where ever I end up in the future I would whole-heartedly recommend Zopim to the new business. It is without a shadow of a doubt a must have Live Chat system and lead generating machine!

Zopim Live Chat packages

Zopim does offer a 14 day free trial without the need for a credit card, so you can take a test drive of it and see how it can work for you. The 14 day trial gives you acces to premium features. After the trial has finished you will still be able to use Zopim on your website however the functionality will be limited, if you run a website with a small amount of traffic the free version may be all you need! See packages available below.


$11.20 / mo – Unlimited Chats, 2 Triggers, 2 Departments, Widget Customization, More features – View more info


$20.00 / mo – Unlimited Triggers, Unlimited Departments, Operating Hours, Chat Reports, REST API, More features – View more info


$44.00 / mo – Widget Unbranding, Agent Reports, Real-Time Monitoring, High Load Dashboard, IP Access Restriction, 24/7 Support, More features – View more info

Zopim Live Chat Review
  • 10/10
    Ease Of Use - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Functionality - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Return on investment (when going premium) - 9/10

Zopim Live Chat Verdict

Well I haven't been using Zopim for 2 years for nothing you know. It just fits in with my style and needs it's a fantastic system and with a free 14 day trial to test you'd be nuts to not take it up! It's worth it's weight in gold and a joy to use, put simply I love it!

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