What WordPress Themes & Plugins Do The Big Brands Use?

There's no denying it WordPress has grown exponentially the last few years. In fact it's powering a vast majority of the web as we speak. That being said it's no wonder the big brands are using WordPress to convey their new products, events and of course opinions.Call it a morbid curiosityΒ if ...

April 2018 On WPin.me Web Traffic Results & More

I used to do these posts a while ago, the old monthly roundup. I thought I might start it up again as a way to benchmark my progress and to show others how the blog is progressing if of course, people care to note.So this is the first post in a monthly series, it will chart my stats on WPin, ...

How To Submit WordPress News To WPin.me

I used to have a WordPress bookmarking site called WhatWP.com, which incidentally is now redirected to WPin.I made the decision to consolidate my portfolio of sites into WPin, it's made things easier for me. From an administration point of view alone.The beauty of WhatWP was it allowed ...

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